2000 Pinterest Followers

2000 Pinterest Followers

2000_pinterest_followersOkay, so I know it’s almost midnight here, and I’m cutting it close on my 30 day blogging challenge, but it still counts! And for the record, I was writing most of the day, but I had to split it in two because I realized I wouldn’t finish on time….

On Wednesday, I hit 2,000 Pinterest followers! I’ve been on pinterest for almost two years ago now, and it’s safe to say I can’t imagine life with out it. I wrote about my initial impression of pinterest in March of 2011 (You should click the link just to see the old pinterest interface!). So, I’d like to talk a little bit about what has changed since then, and tell you about how I use pinterest, and my favorite people to follow.

When I originally wrote about pinterest, I said I’d like to see three things happen:

There are a few more options I’d like to see on pinterest; the ability to keep boards private if you are working on something personal, for a client, or simply would like to unveil a finished product. Also, I’d LOVE to be able to arrange items within a board–currently, the images on your board show up in the order that they were pinned. I’m very particular about what image is near what on a board, so it’s difficult to not be able to do this. I’d also love to see an iphone/ipad app for this.

  • For a while, I thought they were never going to have private boards, because I thought it would really impede the social aspect of pinterest (repinning). While I’m not sure how much of that has been effected, it doesn’t seem to have changed my use or view of the social aspect of pinterest. I also have a few private boards, one because I don’t want to spam my followers with hundreds of prints I’m thinking about for Laelia’s twin size quilt, and another because I want to reveal the project at a later time. So, I’m happy for the private boards!
  • As far as arranging where the images are placed, I fully grasp now that images mostly appear in chronological pinning order, and, from a programming perspective, it’s very difficult to allow you to determine what images lies where. I wrote this comment only after a few days of using pinterest, and with the desire to use it exactly the same way I might make a mood or inspiration board. Pinterest boards are similar to inspiration boards, but they don’t negate them. So, I don’t even think about this comment anymore!
  • The iphone/ipad app has been around for a while. I still don’t think there is a way to pin from the web on your phone yet, is there?

When pinterest first came out, it was invite only, and I think I might have been one of the first 100,000 or 200,000 users (I’m not exactly sure about this). Pinterest was full of nothing but beautiful images (re: no comic sans in sight!). I would frequent the everything board, where I would find new and amazing things I otherwise would never have been exposed to (or thought to search for). I remember very vividly that the first rule of pinterest was “Be nice!”. That rule seemed to go by the wayside later (when the trolls landed) and people seemed to be bickering all over people’s pins! And there was always someone who said, “come on guys, this isn’t facebook!”. I found this extremely discouraging, and it was around that time that I stopped going on the everything board, and started to really curate a good group of people to follow. And with that said, I think I’d like to add a little monthly post about who to follow on pinterest, and my favorite boards. :)


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  2. Congrats on reaching 2000 followers!! I’m in the same boat as you (regarding when I got “on board” with Pinterest). I sort of miss the “good ‘ol days” when the “everything” board was full of great inspiration. But, I still love it and can’t imagine life without it!

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