21 mos. 1 3/4 year!

21 mos. 1 3/4 year!

My baby turned one-and-three-quarters on Tuesday! To celebrate, we decided to finally walk over and try out nothing bundt cakes which opened down the street from us a while ago. We tried their flavor of the month, lemon raspberry and it was delish; very moist, not too sweet (I hate that. I won’t even bother eating it if it is devoid of all flavor but sugar). And ALL of their frosting is butter cream cheese frosting! I’m happy we finally tried it, I’m sure we’ll go over there for a treat every now and again.

My new friend Irene joined us with her baby girl Sonora in the Ergo. She snapped this photo for us! Thanks! (And darn it, I wish I snapped a photo of them, Sonora has the cutest little face). I met her when she and her hubby were scoping out our apartment building before they moved out here from NYC. We ended up chatting for like 45 minutes or so! I have a lot of info on natural parenting resources in the area and I’m always happy to share it, so I can get chatty… We got coffee and just shopped around the second-hand stores and the handmade boutiques near my house. I scored a cute new dress from Buffalo Exchange, and Laelia finished her bundt cake in the stroller and was covered in crumbs…

Anyway, development!

At 21 months, Laelia:

– repeats pretty much every word you say. And her vocabulary has exploded.
– requests us to draw Foofa, Mickey or Toodee on her magna doodle daily. I’m a total pro at Foofa!
– says “mim-mi-ki!”–which I have finally figured out is just “mimmy, kitty”, or “Where’s Minnie? Where’s Hello Kitty”.
– TANTRUM! Oh boy. Hysterics over tiny things, but we are still managing to talk through them all, and I haven’t lost my cool yet, though I have been short with her, and let out loud sighs… Waiting for that moment when I break down in tears with her, but maybe I’ll be lucky and it won’t ever come?
– identifies some of her extended family; “pop-pop” & “gi-gi”. And can somehow name all the dogs in all the family! Still having trouble w/ “aunt” and “uncle”, much to their chagrin. When we arrive at my parents house, she will even start saying “pop! pop!”.

I don’t think there is much more to note here… I expect that she’ll just develop her language more until about 2. I plan on doing these posts until she is 24 months! Then maybe half-yearly. I do wish I started them earlier…

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  1. Jess Judkins says:

    Ahhh I want a bundt cake! :-)

    love the picture with the graphics :-)

  2. Emily says:

    She is SUCH a cutie! I would like her outfit for myself! And, bundt cakes?! Those sound amazing! Yummy!

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