A China Hutch’s Makeover Begins

A China Hutch’s Makeover Begins

We finally bought a hutch! We’ve been thinking about buying one for a long time, but we always seemed to have a reason not to, mainly money, but also that there were more important furniture needs going on around the house. But with the inheritance of my grandmother’s sewing supplies and some china, and Laelia hitting the age where she clears out any shelf she can reach we were in desperate need of a large storage piece. We finally couldn’t take it when we realized that it had been over a month since we took in my grandmother’s things and our dining room table still looked like this:With the hubs officially on board, I stalked craigslist for days (I even subscribed to some RSS feeds),  and probably contacted 20 different people, many who had “just sold”, and a few who didn’t reply. Our budget was $100, if it hit all our requirements and didn’t need a lot of work. This piece was 60$, and needs a TON of work, but it hits all my needs and it was still available day after day of me trying to figure just how to move the darn thing. We ended up paying a delivery guy more than 2x the amount of the actual purchase, and he delivered a day later than we expected, but oh well. We FINALLY have it. And now I get to play around with inspiration:At first I was thinking I would just paint it martha’s bull dog black w/ espresso stain over it (with the interior of the hutch painted the aqua color from the office/nursery) like the dining room table and all of the bedroom furniture, but I’ve been feeling much more ready to expand out of my all black furniture phase (I still think its a good idea when you just need a quick piece and a quick fix, because black furniture really can work in so many ways). So, I’ve been playing around with it in photoshop, but I still haven’t really settled on anything yet… we’ll see! Check out my pinterest board, hutch ideas!

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  1. katie says:

    I can’t believe it was only $60! LOVE the foam green (or whatever color that is) version with the detail in the background!!

  2. Well, it was in pretty bad condition; missing and broken hardware, a missing window pane, and some wood molding is missing, varnish literally peeling off along the the whole side board! But it is solid wood, and it has great bones, and that’s all I really look for in a piece of furniture! :) I definitely would not have paid more than 60$ for it though…

  3. becky dodson says:

    i like ver. 3. i like any fabric backing or even wall papaer. its what i wanna do w that bookcase in my hovel.

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