Color Band Motif

Color Band Motif

I’m extremely drawn to color (hello, aren’t most humans?!). However, I’m particularly drawn to bands of color. I’ve been noticing this more and more as I compile images for inspiration and favorite things at places like etsy. Also, my bookshelf love probably has something to do with my more general love of many colored blocks placed near each other. I love how rectangles of varying shape, size and hue, aligned in a staggered formation come together to make something so simple, yet so dynamic and interesting to look at. I particularly enjoy how while the flow in one direction is seamless, it becomes jagged if your eye travels in opposite direction. I have compiled many images to showcase this particular motif, and how it is used in many aspects of art, design and everyday life.

Paint Square on Etsy

Motivational Prints by Orange Beautiful

Sol LeWitt’s Wall Drawing no 681 C, 1993


Saul Bass’ Fuller Paints Pole sculpture in Sacramento

Anna Maria Horner’s Volumes in Rose; It is all over my house.

Obviously, bookshelves fall into this motif

Scala, an instalation in Wuppertal, Germany by artist and professor Horst Gläsker

Aaron Jasinski’s old portfolio site, designed by Section Seven

The flash website of the group Section Seven is another great example of this. (And I’m not particularly fond of flash websites, but I think this site uses it well, even if it is old).

Vincent Van Gogh’s Cafe Terrace At Night, 1888-detail

Maybe the impressionists and the post impressionists had the same attraction, or maybe that’s why I love impressionist paintings!

I’m not exactly sure how this attraction will come to fruition in my own work, but I have been thinking about making a quilt inspired by this concept one day, and I have some visions of watercolors floating around in my head. We’ll see! Does anyone know of other images that fit into this motif?

Update: This post is exactly what pinterest is good for. Check out my pinterest board color bands!

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  1. Would love to be in touch about a babystyle project for Right Start.


  2. […] to make…  My original inspiration came from my attraction to motif of color bands, which I once wrote about. I had some bands of color coming down from the top of the page at an angle of 60°, and  I was […]

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