Event: Vintage Library Baby Shower

Event: Vintage Library Baby Shower

So, as this was the first event I have ever planned by myself on a professional level, I was a little nervous about this shower, but I think everything turned out rather well. I didn’t get to see a few of my ideas come into fruition (hello Laelia’s birthday all over again), but I got to see most of them executed! I wanted to try adding newspaper to a tissue tassel garland, and I although I love the idea I think it is pertinent use aged newspaper; Fresh newspaper just ended up looking a little too much on the silvery side of the color spectrum than I was going for.

The cake was from Victor Bene’s @ Gelson’s. I wanted to have some pages printed on rice paper to trim the bottom of the cake, but it was going to more than DOUBLE the cost of the cake, so we decided to nix it, and went for the blue trim instead. We used books from Laelia’s own library for display. I forgot my globe at home (of course!), but the motif still appeared on a book cover we displayed! These books are from the 1940s!   We used the left over trimmings from the page garland to make page covered ornaments that we gave away as shower favors. We assembled little red boxes for them, and tied everything off with red & white baker’s twine. We displayed the ornaments on a little tree lit with lights. It was a nice way to incorporate the holiday decor with the shower decor, and to give a gift that people will use every year, AND we stayed on theme. :) There is so much more I wish I could have done with this theme. I’d love to explore it more! :)

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