High Chair Reveal

High Chair Reveal

Okay, so this reveal has been a long time coming! As you may remember from the post about the name design, we got this high chair in OCTOBER from my MIL and it was used by at least Laelia’s aunt and uncle. We finally settled on spray-painting it when we realized the work it would take to strip and sand this thing isn’t the kinda time a WAHM has (*cough* hutch *cough*). It’s been painted for at least a month and a half, and we’ve just been waiting on trying to get the name onto the high chair in the best way. This is definitely a case where my crazy need to refurbish furniture, my desire to design everything, my artistic background, my type-oholic tendencies and my illustrator skills get to be used all at once (*squee* but also a little @_@)! We used Matsutake’s how to transfer inkjet images to wood tutorial. This image transfer has been the bane of my existence for the past 7 or so mornings; I just couldn’t get the transfer to come out right! It became a royal pain because this transfer really needs to set overnight, so we’re talking a whole 24 hours for each attempt. This morning, I decided this was as good as it was gonna get, and I just really wanted to be done with it, so here it is! It really did come out better than all the others (I can’t even remember all of the results, but most of them were extremely faded or washed right off; I even went for help on the blog, but to no avail =/ ), although not as well as I hoped it would.  You can see where some areas got smudged, and my printer has refused to print the red flowers (I tried everything I could, and I printed this thing at least 30 times!). I was getting all frustrated, but my bestie said she loves the texture, and it is neat, so I think maybe I kinda do like the texture; it’s something like a stamp! I think the biggest problem we had here was the fact that it was painted and not raw wood(?). I’m not sure. Anyway, what’s important is to 1) make layers of glue on your paper before you print on it; I did three, and 2) burnish the heck out of the paper once you apply it on the wood. I used the back of a spoon and rubbed every centimeter of it as hard as I could for a few minutes. This is the final design of the name:It is a little Anna Bond, a little Beau Ideal and a lot of me, with a touch of my husband. I would like to say it has a little Lubalin going on, but I think it got washed away somewhere. Tyler and I both really enjoy how the swoosh of the “E” flows into the accent. :) Anyway, what I designed isn’t what I got, but sometimes that’s just how it goes! I’m sure there’s a saying in this lesson somewhere…

Laelia sure seems to enjoy it. *Obligatory cute baby photograph ahead!*

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  1. Erica says:

    I love it Jesyka! Great job!

  2. Sam says:

    That looks awesome! I’ve looked into inkjet/wood transfers quite a bit for this wood plaque we intend to use to hang our mugs on (Mike is pretty darn good w/paint & spray paint/homemade stencils, but I was curious about other methods!). Besides being busy and not having bought any mod podge yet, I’m also a bit leery of messing it up! I’ve heard that printing onto plastic projector sheets works pretty well too.

    I really like the texture of it and the design is, of course, fantastic. :)

    • Ohh! We almost tried the transparency transfer, until we went to buy some and discovered it was something like $40 for a pack of 50! If we could have bought single sheets, we would have tried it…

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  4. Leslie says:

    I would totally rent that chair….you are so lucky to have such a treasure like that.

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