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Inkoeht Design

This post started out as Laelia’s birthday post, but then I realized I had written only about my friend Andy and it was already 3 paragraphs long–conclusion; She deserves her own post! I have a passion for supporting any mother (or father) who wants to do something creative and help support her family while working out of her own home; if a mom wants to be at home with her kids, she should be able to find a way to do that! The more that we as a society support moms working from home, the more viable it will become for those who are trying to find a way. This isn’t a feminist thing, it’s a family thing. I envision a future for America where more and more parents don’t have to spend 60 hours away from their young children a week working at a company that might go bankrupt in a week and end up jobless anyhow (I’m probably a little bitter about babystyle… I would have worked there forever)! So, you might see me featuring more and more wahms. :)

Laelia and I had a playdate with our friend Andy and her baby Zoey on Tuesday. I asked Andy to take photos of Laelia’s birthday in exchange for some shared birthday decor and a little help with some crafting for Zoey’s first birthday (which of course I’d do anyway, since I just love that stuff), and let me just say how lucky we are she accepted! Well, how lucky were we to even meet her in the first place?!

We have a funny little story; Andy and I met at Trader Joes last October. I was wearing Laelia in the pretty hawiian print ergo carrier, and Andy approached me about it because she had never seen it before! We ended up talking in the bread aisle for 10 minutes; I got her email to forward her some information about local AP groups. Since I had my hands on her email, and I was trying to make an effort to build my “mommy tribe”, I decided to try and find her on FB. It turned out we had a mutual friend! Also, her husband went to the same high school as me (although he graduated a different year), she is the same age as me, and our baby girls are 5 weeks apart. Then I saw her nursery!

Ah! The colors! The liberty! The anthro knobs & rug, the echino print, the Charlie Harper! That Oeuf crib I obsessed over when I was working at babystyle! Now, I’m sure there has to be a few of you that have seen this around the internets (I see it all the time on pinterest!), but in case you haven’t, Zoey’s Handmade Haven won second prize in Ohdeedoh’s small kids, big color 2010 contest. When I showed my friends these photos, most of them say “Whoa! Did she see Laelia’s room before she did this?!”, which, of course she didn’t! We just share a brain! (Quite frankly I think Zoey’s nursery is of a higher caliber than Laelia’s room, although I still want to enter it into the current Ohdeedoh contest, if I get photos taken in time. You don’t often see nursery/offices, and I don’t think her room can stay like this for much longer!).  To top it all off, she also had a home birth, we both might be a little too obsessed with Anna Maria Horner and she designs invitations. Oh, and we both seem to be pretty into event design… If fate is real, than it certainly played a part in our meeting. :)

If you’d like to see more of the awesomeness of Andy, you can check out her flickr, her website inkoehtdesign, and you can follow her on pinterest! And stay tuned for Laelia’s birthday post, which will feature her awesome photography skills!

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