Kitchen Update: New light, cracked ceilings…

Kitchen Update: New light, cracked ceilings…

After what was probably way too much thought, we bought the TIDIG ceiling light from IKEA for our overhead kitchen light. It was a whopping $39.99 and has FIVE lights that I can point wherever I want, and we could finally replace the broken, shorting-out light that we’ve been dealing with for over 8 months! In the millisecond that we turned the light on, we understood we had a whole new kitchen.

There is just something about the horrible, standard boob light that you see in most rentals that gives off the worst light. I make it a habit to never turn on the overhead light in our bedroom, but we never had a choice in the kitchen. Another reason we wanted a new light in there was to provide FUNCTIONAL light, i.e. light that wouldn’t cast shadows on, say, the onion you are slicing with a knife. Having 5 little spotlights has certainly helped that come a long way, but we still need to finesse it a bit, and install under-cabinet lighting (which we haven’t bought– I currently can’t convince Tyler of the cost) and some pendants over the sink (which we already bought! And we got one from the as-is section, so SCORE!! Although, they are $5 more in CA than they are on the website).

However, when we removed the old light, it revealed a crack in the ceiling, and now we have yet another thing to fix in this kitchen! :( I’m half debating on buying a ceiling medallion, but I just don’t think it will work with a flippin’ track light! Otherwise, we have to patch it and paint it, and I just don’t want to paint the WHOLE ceiling. I’ve never painted a ceiling and it seems very overwhelming. BUT, I think if the ceiling is also a nice bright white, it would help lift the whole room, so there would be that added bonus… What do you guys think? Quick fix, or get rid of the clearly very drab colors going on up here?

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  1. Silvia says:

    Yes, definitely patch and paint the ceiling. You’ll be so happy you did! I’ve painted a couple before and it seems a lot more work than it actually is. Good luck!

  2. Christine says:

    I am so not surprised that you make it a point not to turn on the overhead light in your bedroom – because I also make this point! LOL! I have tried to get Sergio to understand but he flips it on every now and then. For a while when the bulb in the kitchen overhead light went he just didn’t replace it because he knew I hated that one too. Luckily we have over the sink lighting, and over the counter lighting that I turn on instead. I am so happy to hear a fellow Libra speak such SENSE about lighting….

  3. Christine says:

    PS. Bright White Ceiling! Remember I had all white ceilings in my old house. All walls were colors and all ceiling white – very uplifting!

  4. carla says:

    definitely go white!!! plus you might avoid a bigger issue later down the line :) the light is awesome!!

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