Laelia’s 2nd Birthday Board

Laelia’s 2nd Birthday Board

Today, Laelia is TWO! And I’m finally posting her second birthday board. It’s hard not to feel pressure to produce something amazing after the viral success of Laelia’s first birthday board, but I really want to focus on Tyler’s 30th birthday too, so I just decided to give myself a break. I think this board lacks a certain sweetness necessary with children’s parties (I think it could be hard to tell it’s a kids party…), but I enjoy the sophisticated graphic look. It would also be great for a bridal shower! I think that playing up the shapes aspect of my idea for her party will help bring in that sweetness I’m missing here, but we won’t really see it until the party is in place…

The inspiration here was pink ombré and gradients, gold, black and white stripes, and geometric shapes. Laelia’s VERY into learning her shapes right now! :)

1) Balloons in varying shades of pink (and gold). We are getting the 16″ balloons from ziggos, and I’m heading to balloon emporium sometime this week to check them out. (image: Your Home Based Mom)

2) Black and White Stripes. I was feeling like this party needed something more than just pinks and golds… something to ground the pallet, and also give it a bit of a punch. Right now I’m convinced black and white stripes make everything better! I dare you to challenge me!! (image: Styling/Bird Dog Wedding & The Creative Parasol, Photography/Paige Newton Photography via The Sweetest Occasion)

3) Pink Depression Glass; I have so much of this from my grandmother. I think it is all reproductions from the 80s, but still awesome. I’m pairing the platters with my gold chargers. (image: Jesyka D’Itri Marés (myself))

4) Paper Straws; I ordered black and white stripe, pink polka dot and pink hearts. (image: pinterest— leads to a broken etsy link. I ordered from Hey Yo Yo)

5) Watermelon cut into shapes; To play up my shapes thing. Also, geo sugar cookies. (image: ohsweetbabies via flickr)

6) Ombré Cake! I’ve loved these forever, and now it will be time to see if I can execute it. I’m pretty sure I’ll just doctor a box cake, because I’ve never made a TDF cake from scratch, but adding sour cream to a box cake always ends up so delish. (image: call me cupcake!)

7) Fringed Streamers; I’ve already made a lot of progress here! I’m really excited. I just bought crepe paper streamers and fringe scissors, but of course the initial idea comes from Oh Happy Day. (image:

8) Pink Ombre Stripe Napkins; From Target. Perfect. (image: Jesyka D’Itri Marés (myself))

9) Black and white striped dress; I’m having no luck finding this dress in stock anywhere, so I’m ordering it from a LysaBo on etsy! She makes a very similar dress. Super excited! :)  (image: Bloomingdales)

10) Pink Lemonade in bottles with paper straws.  We are also doing pink champange, of course!! :) (image: Scissors Paper Cake via Cake Events Blog)

12) Black and White Stripes; Another inspirational black and white stripes image! (Image: The Sweetest Occasion)

13) Pink Bowls from Target. I’ll be putting popcorn and the strawberry yogurt Os from TJs in here. :)

13) Shapes garland in pinks. (image: loveology; I adjusted the hues in this photo to be pinks, because I could not find an all pink shapes garland! But the original photo is in beautiful full color, go checkit!)

14) Ombre Tiered Dress in pink cameo from baby GAP.

15) Peonies in varying pinks; I might also do ranunculus. (image: Pinterest; it has been credited to OnceWed but I can’t find this specific image. I’ll update here if I ever find it, and please let me know if you have any info!)

16) Sueded-Metallic Color Block Sandals in coral sizzle from Old Navy.

The party will be this Saturday in our house apartment which I’m excited but very nervous about, as it is the first time we’ve really thrown a party at our house apartment, and we don’t even have a yard patio! For this reason I kept the guest list pretty small, although my inclination was to invite all of my friends that I haven’t seen in a while who have new babies. BABIES! So we figured this will be a bit of a test run for future parties. We’re going to start small, and hopefully it doesn’t get too overwhelming here with just family and the BFFs. It will be fine, right? I’m re-arranging furniture to fit things. I want to live large in my tiny place! If it goes well, then the there. will. be. more. parties! :)

Today we are taking Laelia to Disneyland, and we are going to buy her a balloon and some cotton candy and that mickey-spiney thingie she always wants but we never buy her! I’ll probably post some pics so stay tuned! :)


11 Responses to Laelia’s 2nd Birthday Board

  1. becky says:

    sigh. so pretty. have so much fun today at disneyland…wish we could make it.

  2. carla says:

  3. Emily says:

    I agree it doesn’t really look like a “kids” party but I think that’s a good thing, I can’t take all the caracter craziness and ugly kids decorations. I LOVE THIS! I love those sandals too… :)

  4. Amber says:

    Love this! I did a “pretty in pink” theme for Eva’s first birthday :) I’m also not a fan of cute/disney character birthday parties!

  5. As Laelia LOVES Mickey, I think we satisfied a lot of that character need with spending her birthday at Disneyland, where we indulged her slightly with a Mickey balloon and that light-up spinny toy. We TRIED to buy her ears, but she only wanted her aunts Minnie ears! HA! Oh, and we finally waiting in line for her to meet Mickey. So, that’s a lot of character fun for her birthday!

    On the contrary, I’m interested in seeing what I could do with a character party, but I haven’t had a spark of inspiration yet… I also wonder if I’ll end up having to make everything from scratch, because I doubt I’d really like any of the pre-packaged stuff. I think I could do a vintage disney party, or something. Anyway, two is like the last year where you can get away with not having the child’s input! Next year she’ll be clamoring for some theme, I’m sure, and I’ll have to decide how I’m going to incorporate her input!

  6. Lori says:

    I will be ordering that maxi dress as well! I have something similar in a creme/heathered gray from Anthro, but it’s so see through it’s impractical for anything other than house lounging or beachwear. Eek! I could live in maxi dresses.

  7. carla says:

    have you posted the birthday pictures yet?? i am dying to see them!!

    • Hi Carla! You’re awesome. :) I haven’t posted yet! They were scheduled for this week but real life has gotten in the way and delayed a few posts I’m in the middle of working on! After the bridal party post and the before kitchen post, I’ll post laelias 2nd!!

  8. […] *many sources are listed on Laelia’s Second Birthday Board, but I’ll list them here, too. If anything you’d like to know about is not listed, […]

  9. Janelle says:

    I love those lemonade bottles. Where did you purchase them.

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