My Bathroom: Update

My Bathroom: Update

So, as promised, here is a bathroom update one week later! It’s a later-in-the-day post (Thank you, Valentine’s day), but it’s here none-the-less.Bathroom_Progress1Bathroom_Progress3 Bathroom_Progress2Progress! Progress has been made, and, thankfully, the act of comparing the photos has helped me remember that… We’ve brought out the tile work and de-cluttered, but there is still work to do! We removed the curtain and faux pelmet box I had over the window, but we haven’t replaced the window covering yet… We are kinda waiting on a set of blinds in the as-is section of IKEA, but lately I haven’t felt opposed to other options. We did put up a towel rack (also found in the as-is section, $5) over the non-functioning wall heater, which I appreciate because it covers up that eye-sore. If it doesn’t work, I don’t want to stare at it! I centered the pulls in the doors to give the vanity a more furniture like look.

bathroom_before2Above are some more before photos, and below are plenty of detail shots. We also replaced the rather lame medicine cabinet with a wall shelf I got in the as-is section from IKEA for  $10 (are you sensing a pattern here?).
Bathroom_Progress12 Bathroom_Progress11 I used our old butter dish as a candle holder and soap bowl.
Bathroom_Progress9 Bathroom_Progress8 I used our old salt and pepper shaker set (it doesn’t sit well with our new kitchen decor) into our bathroom, and discovered it could be a really cute and clever eyeglasses holder (Tyler is almost blind, people!).
Bathroom_Progress7I switched out the magazine pail for a basket, to help streamline the look, and add another natural material to the room. Can you see how gross the tile is? Its on the list below of things that need to get done in here! It will require lots of chemicals and scrubbing and time, but I think I can get get it looking pretty good. I’ve just been putting it off because of the work required.
Bathroom_Progress6 We added a pull out mirror, and it’s probably my favorite addition to the bathroom! I use it all the time. We also added hooks for our robes, and got them off the back of the door. I hung some old coasters above the robes (like in the kitchen).Bathroom_Progress5 I love the way this rug in the hallway ties into the bathroom. Bathroom_Progress4 I know, teapots in a bathroom? The colors work well in this room, and they don’t work in any other room in the house, so I decided to see how I like them in here. I enjoy how unexpected it is. I know I said last week that I don’t think I need to replace this etagere, but now I think I do. I’m thinking the ever-versatile EKBY shelf.
Bathroom_Progress10Bathroom to-do:

  • Sand, scrub, bleach tile floor
  • Window covering; anyone have any ideas besides blinds?
  • Frame around mirror
  • Replace the fake orchid with something real
  • Put a paper baking on the wall shelves
  • Frame out the artwork in the same frames (preferably wood, to tie into the wall shelf)
  • Paint details around the cabinet doors and drawers
  • More artwork!
  • Switch out etagere for 2 white ekby shelfs
  • Get a nice piece of red coral for display
  • In my dreams: Replace light fixtures. I’m not sure if I can find a vanity light with a pull/toggle switch, which is the biggest deterrent to replacing these… but they are pretty gross and covered in rust. Bleh. Also, I’m not sure I can find anything that would work in this room that I’d like to actually take with us to a place that we own, or anything cheap enough that I wouldn’t mind spending the money to not have to stare at rust for the next 2 years.
  • Even more in my dreams: Replace the faucet

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5 Responses to My Bathroom: Update

  1. becky dodson says:

    dude, hydrogen peroxide is AMAZING on grout. i just pour it on and it dissolves whatever schmeg is in there and then wipe it away…and it fizzes!

  2. Emily says:

    Roman shade for the window. has cheap ones.

  3. […] for Laelia’s EXPEDIT (I also ended up finding a set of blinds in the as-in section for the bathroom, and I picked up the 2 ekby shelves I wanted to replace the etagere in there, so yay!). I […]

  4. Lisa says:

    What’s the name of the paint for wall that you used for this bathroom please? I absolutely love it!

    • Hi! I’m sorry, I don’t seem to have the paint color name anywhere! It’s not even on the paint can or the paint sample! It is a valspar color from Lowes, and I THINK it’s called blue lagoon, but I could be wrong. I also used it on the window wall in my living room!

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