My Kitchen Makeover: Style Direction

My Kitchen Makeover: Style Direction

The design of the functionality for our kitchen makeover was pretty easy; I knew the things I wanted to change, add and organize in order to make it more functional and easy to use. However, when it came to styling–colors, textiles, fixtures, etc.–I’ve felt stuck for months (and of course you can’t move forward with pretty much anything big unless you know what you want it to look like; yes, I want a pendant light over the table, but should it be brass, a chandelier, a barn light? Argh!). The biggest problem I’m having with making styling decisions for the kitchen is the fact that I’m not naturally drawn to pastel green and yellow tile paired with the Martha Stewart blue accessories I have from our wedding registry, not to mention linoleum flooring. What I am drawn to is an old world yet modern look–marble countertops (I 100% do not mind the extra care they require), dark cabinets and modern brass hardware, farmhouse sinks, subway tile back splash, black appliances with brass fixtures, and perhaps a gorgeous persian rug on the (probably) herringbone wood floor and a show-stopping chandelier. Here are some examples of what I day dream about:

Photo by Tara Striano for Elle Decor.

Dream Kitchen with Persian Rug

The kitchen of Tom Dolby and Drew Frist, via Lonny Mag

rue, Issue 2 (Nov/Dec 2010 Page 124)

Smeg FA800AO; As Jenny Komenda said when she pinned it “Some girls like diamonds, I like appliances“. Cheers, Jenny. Cheers.

I didn’t want to overload you with my dream images, so if you are interested in seeing more, you can always check out my pinterest board Dream Kitchen.

I just don’t think I’ll be able to bring the level of sophistication I ultimately want into my current kitchen with what I have to work with; if my dad could have replaced the tile with simple white tile, it would have been possible, or if the trim tile were black and not yellow, but I just can’t figure a way with the combination of pastel green and yellow tile. I’ve decided the solution is to embrace the tile, to make it look intentional. I thought about the beautiful white kitchens with pops of color that Scandinavian designers are famous for. I’ve been noticing some pretty amazing and refreshing images about lately with pallets based solely on fresh, clear pastels, neons and sherberts that would flow seamlessly with the tile; in other words, these pallets would achieve the “intentional” effect I’m going for in regards to the tile. I also thought, if I can’t have my dream kitchen  then maybe I can go for a more trendy look? We’re only going to be here for a few more years; what better opportunity will I have to experiment with a trendy kitchen?! Here are a few images that caught my eye:

stylist: Crisse Cremers / photography: Elise Rijnberg / magazine: Viva

Home of Riikka from Weekday Carnival via the Veda House

I also want to mix in a little bit of the faceted geometric trend that I’m really drawn to, but I haven’t really incorporated into my home yet:

Timber & Ore bar stool

Faceted Hanging Tray by Pigeon Toe Ceramics

Continuing with the geometric neon/pastel trend, I love this table, but I also love the more ethnic feel going on in this room:

Wendy & Gavin’s house tour via Apartment Therapy

… which leads me to my current state in regards to the styling of my kitchen; bright bright white cabinets, pops of color found in accessories, ethnic textiles, and some natural material here and there to ground things (I still haven’t settled on a wall color). I made a little sketch of the nook that I think I’ll put into another post; this post is pretty full already!

To see more of the images I’m collecting for my actual kitchen (not my dream kitchen), check it out on my pinterest board My Kitchen.

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  1. I love the scandinavian look – I think it feels cozy and casual yet fresh and happy. Of course, whatever you do will be gorgeous I’m sure!!!

  2. […] my last post about the kitchen, I mentioned how I felt some designer’s block when it came to the styling […]

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