My Wedding: Ceremony

My Wedding: Ceremony

The night before the wedding, I stayed at cousin’s (my maid of honour!) house in Calabasas. I remember scrambling to write my vows (below), and getting very little sleep. We got ready at our aunt’s house (who lives down the street from my cousin). She is a make-up artist, which means I’ve been spoiled most of my life with awesome make-up and having a professional do my make-up for special events. A couple of family friends who are hairstylists (also for TV and movies) did my hair. Both my hair and make-up turned out pretty much exactly how I wanted it to, and I’m still so happy about it. :) A lot of other things didn’t go how I expected it to (even though I was expecting that not everything would go the way I expected…), but, thanks to my aunt and her friends, I certainly looked the way I had envisioned!
We had our ceremony in the round, surrounded by our family and friends. It felt amazing. We had an extremely short (but very sweet) ceremony! It was about 5 minutes long. This was good, because we forgot to write “please be seated” in our ceremony script, so everyone stood the entire time! Also, Tyler was extremely nervous. He still feels fond about the fact that he believes he will never have to get up and talk in front of a large crowd like that again. :) But, a word of advice if you are writing your own ceremony script! Remember to ask everyone to “please be seated”, unless, of course, you want everyone to remain standing!We both wrote our own vows. However, I didn’t manage to memorize my vows, so I wrote them on a small piece of paper that I tucked into my sash (along with my something old). You can see me tearing-up while I’m reading in these photos. I still get teary-eyed if I think too hard about what I was feeling at that moment! Tyler did, of course, memorize his vows. He’s very poetic, and he has a very clear, deep voice, so try to imagine that when you read them. :)

Tyler’s vows:

Forevermore will I love you and trust you,
Forevermore will I care for and support you,
Forevermore will I live along side you:
Enduring what our life must endure
And enjoying what our life has to enjoy.

Forevermore I accept all of you, talents and faults
And forevermore I give you my being, talents and faults.

These are my vows to you, for I love you Jesyka, forevermore.

My vows:

I, Jesyka Ann, take you, Tyler Joseph, to be my everything.
I promise to make the best of every day, to take good care of the love we have cultivated and grown over the past four and a half years, and treat it as if it’s the most valueable treasure on earth.
I promise to continue to make up silly songs and dances just for you because it brings you such joy.
I promise to honor your past to remember where you came from and to take pride in the heritage that made you who you are.
I promise to honor both our differences and our similarities, for these are the things that first attracted us to one another, and brought us here today.
But mostly, I promise to be honest, loyal & trusting, & to hold you so close that nothing in the world can come between us as we look to the future as husband and wife.

Stay tuned! More to come.
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*All images copyright to Zeke Kamm. Edited and compiled by me (Jesyka D’Itri Marés). My skills don’t do justice to his talent. :) 

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  2. becky says:

    finally, i get to read (hear) your vows!

  3. Ohh….myyy….gosh…..YOU LOOK GORGEOUS!!! That dress is soo beautiful, with the lace piece on the top, the ribbon…! It’s so perfect! Those are beautiful vows. :)

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