My wedding: You’re invited

My wedding: You’re invited

Happy anniversary to us! My wedding invitations were the first invitations I designed, I believe. I really enjoyed the look of Beth’s invitations, so I kinda used that as a general layout inspiration. Tyler and I designed a heart with an infinity sign in it as a symbol of “us” to use however we see fit, and so we used it here in lieu of a monogram, and we also used it in other ways in the wedding. I still love this symbol and think about getting it tattooed on my wrist, and having a necklace or ring made from it.  I really wanted to do letterpress, but I could never afford it, so we came up with an idea to do a gradient/ombré effect in the scroll work–something letterpress can’t really do! Beth printed them for us on letterpress paper, so it has a nice heavy feel. We had a stamp of us made through zazzle, and used coordinating blue envelopes with our return address printed on the back. There is a subtle bird motif going on, if you can spot them (2009 – put a bird on it!).

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  2. I love these! You have inspired me…I have never photographed our wedding invites (that I made) so maybe i’ll do that someday soon. :)

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  5. Melissa says:

    I am obsessed with your invitations. Would you be willing to share the template or any advise to design something like this? Just gorgeous.

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