Our Second Annual Underwood Farms Trip

Our Second Annual Underwood Farms Trip

Yesterday, my mom, my sister and I took Laelia on our second annual trip to Underwood Farms. We missed visiting their HUGE pumpkin patch because apparently the fields are only open in October, but oh well! October was just too busy for us, and I figured pumpkins are just as relevant to November (Thanksgiving) as they are to October (Halloween), but apparently I’m in the minority on that one… or, more likely, their fields can only take a beating from the public for so long. Whatever the case, we got some cute photos with the pumpkins they have for sale at the entrance. :)

Underwood Farms is directly adjacent to the Walnut Grove at Tierra Rejada Ranch, where Tyler and I held our wedding. The scenery here is AMAZING. It brims over with photo ops. We came here last year before I had a DSLR. I did, however, borrow one from my cousin and I had a fun time playing around with both shooting and post editing the photos. Looking back, it is amazing to see how much Laelia‘s hair has grown, and how much I feel I have grown with in regards to photography. While I’m sure I am not on par with my favorite photographers, I definitely think I have come a long way. Joy from Wildflowers Photography is one of my biggest influences. We went to the same  high school and we have some mutual friends (which is how I came about her), but I’m pretty sure I would drool over her work if I lived on the other side of the world. She actually shoots at the Walnut Grove and at Underwood frequently; it’s so inspiring to see how she photographs locations I’m very familiar with! I’d love to do a family shoot with her, or sometimes I even day dream about an “anniversary” shoot, since engagement photos couldn’t fit in our tiny budget. I’d also LOVE to do one of her workshops! — But since budget is still an issue, all of that seems like a pipe dream. /sadface. And since I try my best to make due with what I’ve got, I’ll just have to take my own photos for now…

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  1. becky says:

    i like how we both chose magenta-y colors for outfits this year…lovely pics. looks like you guys got the run of the place…it was totally NUTTY when we went…lol.

  2. I think arriving at 4pm three days after Halloween helped thin the crowd a lot! We were also in magenta last year! hee…

  3. Laelia looks simply gorgeous in these pictures!

    How I wish we had pumpkin farms to visit here in Australia. (Note: we have pumpkins farms, but they aren’t really open to the public like in the States).

  4. Angela says:

    Your little girl is precious! I found you through designsponge and I linked your china hutch makeover on my lil blog because it is AMAZING. :)

  5. […] may recognize this outfit from the photos from Underwood Farms! Dress: Old Navy Ruffle Sweater: Old Navy Sandals: Circo (Target) … and her amber teething […]

  6. andy says:

    love these photos jes!! that laelia is stunning! ;)

  7. Beth says:

    Cute! I finally got a chance to peek at these! Love the way her cape is working here ;)

  8. […] This is the second outfit from our trip to Underwood Farms. […]

  9. […] Anyway, the first thing I did to check out how much faster my computer runs was to pursue the photos that have collected virtual dust on my memory cards for months! First up, I want to share a few shots from October. We have made a tradition of visiting the pumpkin patch at Underwood Family Farms every year. I know posting pumpkin photos in December is a little silly, but better late than never! Check out last year’s photos here! […]

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