Our Wedding: Bridal Party

Our Wedding: Bridal Party

This is my favorite collection of photos from our wedding! I was tempted to leave this as a wordless post, because I’ve been arranging and editing these photos for so long now, I just want to hit PUBLISH! Also, I kinda feel like they speak for themselves. However, I can say a few things…
Let me tell you a little bit about our photographer, Zeke Kamm. I did not want a “wedding” photographer. Zeke is not a wedding photographer. He is a fine art and portrait photographer. I wanted the look to be editorial, and not posed. I hope I don’t sound snobby, but if I do, whatever! I can’t stand the overly posed wedding photos you see sometimes, with all the girls in the same dresses with the same hair. I’m sure some people love the uniformity of it all, but it just makes me cringe, and it certainly was not for me… Anyway, this annoyed at least half of my family. They didn’t understand what I wanted, or why I wanted it. To be fair to them, we did not get a photograph of me and my immediate family, which is something I will probably never live down… But I love the way these photos came out. Particularly the first photo in this post! The composition is so dynamic, it reminds me of a renaissance painting!
I made the headpieces for the entire bridal party, including my birdcage veil and fascinator. It cost me maybe $7 total to make. If you like birdcage veils, absolutely DO NOT buy one unless it is less than say, $10 or encrusted with flippin’ REAL diamonds. It is so insanely easy to make, and the fabric is incredibly inexpensive! I also made the necklaces and earrings the girls are wearing. I feel the Marie Antoinette inspiration came across well!
The boys are wearing Volcom suits! And the ties are from tielab. :)We took some awesome night shots too!

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*All images copyright to Zeke Kamm. Edited and compiled by me (Jesyka D’Itri Marés). My skills don’t do justice to his talent. :) 

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  1. These are beautiful. I love this look tooo….(vs. the traditional posed pictures)!

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