Handmade Pillow Cases!

Handmade Pillow Cases!

I don’t know why, but bed linens have been a current obsession of mine. It might have something to do with the apartment make-over that has been going on since hubby and I have decided to stay here for another year, and subsequently started re-doing both bedrooms in the house to make room for the baby (Unfortunately baby does not get her own room because we must have our office space in the apartment. There will be a long post about the office/nursery makeover when the final touches have been made!). I found myself ironing my sheets for the first time ever yesterday, and pining over these pillowcases made by Rose Hip I discovered through decor8:

Rose Hip’s handmade pillow cases

I LOVE the crochet/knit combined with woven fabrics, which means the borders are what I am probably most attracted too, and what looks like the most fun to make. And don’t they look lovely and crisp all stacked on top of each other?! I must make a mental note to attempt to make some of these with prints that match my bed! It just seems like so much fun! Of course these are very girly. I love me some super saccharine sweet things, but I’m trying to get that look out of our bedroom for the sake of helping hubby really enjoy his space (I’m lucky he generally likes what I do around the house, and gives a constructive opinion often, but I especially like it when he loves it, and feels like he has a nice space he can enjoy and relax in), so I think I’ll try something inspired by these, but with bolder prints.

If you love these pillowcases, don’t forget to check out her Etsy site!

Edit 4/7/10: Cassie of You go Girl (similarly inspired by rosehip) has a great tutorial on how to make the pillowcase, blanket stitch, & scalloped crochet edging! Discovered via Craftzine.

Manic Mondays…

Manic Mondays…

Well, we had just had one of those days! You know, when your car doesn’t make it past your street, your washer overflows, you discover you have overdraft fees (even though you had deposited checks days before, they still apparently had not cleared) and every small appliance in your house decides to go kaput. By the end of it, you just have to laugh and give each other a cuddle. Not much else you can do, and it certainly isn’t the end of the world. :)

Moving on to quilt progress; I ended up washing the top of the quilt after it was sewn and it turned out fine. I also washed all of the fabric before i sewed the back, so everything is officially pre-washed! It was probably good to wash after I had sewn the top together, considering there are a few places where the seams came undone. It was a little difficult with the square dance pieces because there wasn’t much seam allowance around the edges. I barely squeezed 1/4″ out. I reinforced the broken seams, and I have finished the back, purchased and washed farifield bamboo batting, and managed to pin and hand tie every square, and have decided that I am going to hand quilt with the “big stitch” look. It looks quite nice with just the hand ties, but I’m feeling that I’d like it to be a bit sturdier (plus I have always LOVED this look–it gives such a wonderful homemade feeling).  I keep thinking that this could become something my daughter cherishes, so maybe I should consider how it will hold up in twenty years…

I’ve kinda been holding out for Anna Maria Horner’s post about hand quilting, but I figure I’d just go for it. This baby could come any day, might as well use this time wisely!

Update 3/31/10: Here is a link to the stitch post! Anna Maria Horner: The Stitch

The top of the quilt is done!

The top of the quilt is done!

I finished this last night! Now I need to educate myself on quilting batting and such. I’m interested in Bamboo Batting, and I’m hoping I can find it locally, instead of having to order it!

Baby quilt top. Note Tiki's feet on the right!

However, I’m a little worried, because I didn’t preshrink any of these fabrics. I’m a dolt, I know. What a beginner’s mistake! HA! Well, I’m thinking about throwing this in the wash along with the backing fabrics and just deal with the shrinkage as it comes out. Hopefully the shrinkage will have a negligible effect on the seams.

Blog design and baby quilts

Blog design and baby quilts

Today, the hubs has started programming this blog, and while he isn’t finished, I am so grateful that he spent his lunch break making my design begin to come to life! Thank you lovey! So yes, the site is totally under construction, but it also works, which is awesome. :)

Also, in  between loads of laundry and whilst on the phone for hours with my mom and my cousin, I have finally cut all the strips needed to start sewing my baby quilt! With less than 3 weeks until her due date, I hope I can finish before she comes. I haven’t ever exactly made a quilt, however, but I can be optimistic, right? Here are the fabrics I am using:

From Left to Right: Anna Maria Horner's Little Folks Voile Four Square Sweet, Michael Miller's Pink Clover Dot, Anna Maria Horner's Little Folks Voile Honey Gold, Heather Bailey's Bijoux HB10-Gold, Anna Maria Horner's Little Folks Voile Four Square Sea

I will be using five squares of each of the above fabrics to accent this fabric (which, incidentally, is in the background of my previous post):

Anna Maria Horner's Little Folks Dobby - Square Dance - Blue

I made the pattern in Adobe Illustrator, which is nice because I get to play around with the locations of each of the fabrics and then essentially see the end product before I physically make it. It’s also extremely beginner-friendly, so it might just be possible to finish it before the baby comes, if I can manage to get more than a few hours in a day. :)

Lacey Knit Baby Blanket – First Peek!

Lacey Knit Baby Blanket – First Peek!

I’ve been knitting this blanket for over a month (!) now, and I only have about 8 inches or so left. I’m so excited that I might finish it before the baby arrives!


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