Pinwheel and Balloon Invitations

Pinwheel and Balloon Invitations

Whew, can I just say we were completely exhausted after her birthday this weekend; we are still recovering from the craft-explosion (quite literally; my husband knocked over a very organized plastic bin of beads around 12:30 am Sunday morning!) that happened before hand, and the leftover decorations and food (one giant balloon remains floating! but all the chocolate cake is gone…)! I’m excited to get to posting about her birthday. Of course, about a million ideas were left out, some on accident, and some for the sake of my sanity (and/or those around me), but what’s great is that there is always another party. I wish I understood that when I was a bride, it would have been comforting to know!

So here we have Laelia’s invitations! The inspiration came from her inspiration board, of course! I hand sketched her name and traced it in illustrator. It became a little tricky (as it always is) to preserve the hand sketched look of the original; I used a couple different brush strokes, both on the outline and the fill and I think it worked out pretty well. I also used the cloud that I used in the fox print, which actually came from a very sweet set of nesting blocks I did for babystyle. It’s my most favorite cloud, it’s so happy! I didn’t have the cloud at first, and I kept thinking “it’s missing something“, and I thought in the middle of the night to add a cloud, and then I forgot for two days! I had a total mom brain moment (I did today at Target, too; I went to buy baby hangers — Laelia got a whole new wardrobe for her birthday — and I made it to the check out  with more baby clothes but no hangers! I didn’t realize it until the checker asked if I wanted to keep the hangers the clothes came with…ugh.) The font is futura, all lowercase. I wanted to use the envelopes we used in our wedding invitations, but I couldn’t find them locally and I wanted to start addressing them and doing the lining quickly, so I gave in and bought them from Paper Source in an almost identical shade. I had a little bit too much fun in there! The paper I used to line the envelopes also came from Paper Source, and I bought some additional papers that I used to make the pinwheels for the party favors. (I’m working on a pinwheel tutorial–I know there are a ton out there, but I think this one will be worth sharing!) I hand addressed the invitations and I used those great love stamps from the post office, and then sent them off in the mail!

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  1. julie burgin says:


    You had previously answered my question about you making the invites. They are awesome!! So inspiring. It is so amazing what all you did for her first party. You are so talented. Thanks for sharing. I love the rounded edge paper that you used too. Did you you create that edge or buy them already like that? It looks like great quality paper.

  2. I use a fiskars corner cutter to round the corners! You can find them at most craft stores. :)

  3. julie burgin says:

    Thank you..;} The pinwheel tutorial is the best! Crazy-goodness!

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