Shot Through The Heart; Valentine’s Day

Shot Through The Heart; Valentine’s Day

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Hello Lovelies! Since Valentine’s day is less than 3 weeks away, it has been on my mind lately… I’ve gathered images that I think would make a splendidly romantic, slightly quirky, and happily colorful festive valentines day! (Are those enough adjectives for ya?!) I went with a theme of sparkles, arrows, hearts, tassels, and deep reds, deep blues, and golds!

1) Mr. Boddington Bullseye Valentine from catbird.

2) Valentine’s Day Balloon by Geronimo Balloons. Balloon delivery! How cute! And we all know how much I love giant balloons and glittering fringe. I lurve.

Geronimo Balloons Valentine’s Day from hak lonh on Vimeo.

3) DIY VintageArrow Valentine by Halligan. Via Design*Sponge. Alternately, you could buy  some handmade arrows from quivver, or Native on etsy.

4) Wild Heart Glittering Fringe Banner by nice (on etsy).
(I brightened the color of the fringe on this banner to pop a little more)

5) A Romantic Setting: Considering I live in Southern California, I think it would be totally normal to set up a bohemian picnic outside on Valentine’s Day. In February. Our weather has been particularly awesome lately. But you could easily do something romantic like this in your bedroom or living room! :)
(This photo has been credited to Jessica Claire, but I can’t find it on her website. Any further info would be appreciated! UPDATE 3/24/12 I found a direct link on Style Me Pretty! I updated my pinterest board as well.)

6) Fiesta headband in chiffon, with arrow feather, by avaraylondon.

7) Oreo chocolate cake with chocolate ganache and gold flecks by desserts for breakfast

8)  Love Poems by Pablo Neruda. (image via New Directions Cover Library.) To read to your hunny.

9) Soaring Hearts Dress from Spool 72.

10) Pierced Heart Truffle Plate from BHLDN. The plate from which to eat your cake!

11) Arrow Cuff from catbird.

12) Sequined Heart Shoe Clips from ban.dō.

13) Hello. Also, I love youby The Big Harumph on Etsy. Perhaps you could consider a poster a valentine over the more traditional card?

14) Debrah Lippman “Do Ya Think I’m Sexy?” nail polish from Fred Flare.

15) Arrow Valentine by AmyMarcella on Etsy.

16) Marquee Arrow Light from Urban Outfitters.

Check out my Pinterest board hearts + arrows, for more ideas! Also, if you follow me on Pinterest, thanks for bearing with my on my millions of pins to this board… I had gathered images and ideas for a while before I saw a direction beginning to take shape! I’m also working on a kids party board which I hope will be put together by early next week! :)

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  1. Shannon says:

    Such a fun board! I loved seeing all these pins. I even made my own arrows a la #3. Turned out pretty cute if I do say so myself. And seriously, that cake? I don’t even like oreos and I’d shove my face right in…so pretty.

  2. […] it will itch at me not to see it all together. :) Pin It All sources can be found in the original post, save for #9: For the Wind Dress from […]

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