Sweet Baby Valentine

Sweet Baby Valentine

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Firstly, let me apologize for not posting for TWO WEEKS! What the heck was that? I was feeling burnt out and I needed a little break from my computer but I didn’t expect it to last so long! I even thought to leave a note on my sidebar about my leave of absence, but it never really got planned out, lol… next time! I’m building a huge schedule for myself, and I expect things will get very efficient around here… :) Anyway, I’ve had this board brewing for a while, and even though I had something else planned for today, I’ve got to post my sweet baby valentine board today, as it would be the last relevant day to post it for about another 48 weeks… ~.^. I’ve always loved valentine’s day, and not just for it’s more romantic sentiments; I enjoy it as an expression of platonic love. In the case of this board, it is definitely a parental love! It is the sort of party I would plan if I had more of a house to host gatherings in. :)

1) Heart Shaped Balloons from Mignon Kitchen Co.

2) I Love You Valentine by Rifle Paper Co.

3) Striped Stick-on Bow Tie for the little man in your life. From Bushel and Peck Paper.

4) Be my Baby glittering fringe banner by Nice on Etsy.

5) You’re my fav♥rite work of art poster by Love Sugar on Etsy. This is absolutely how I feel about Laelia. :)  6) Cupid’s Arrow Cupcakes by Bakerella.

7) Valentine Straw kit: a free download from {papermash}!

8) Aqua frosted cake by Sprinkle Bakes. Click for (cherry vanilla cake) recipe !

9) Aqua soda bottles w/ stripey straws! (photo: the ever amazing Hello Naomi)

10) Kissing Booth! Cute idea for a photo booth! (Poster by I love Retro on Culture Label).

11)A Perfect Desert Table (Photo: Lee Bird Photography)

12) Heart plushies! From Wonder Forest on Etsy.

13) Felt  Heart Headband (Photo: katie did)

14) I ♥ Mom, I ♥ Dad bowls; parental love reciprocated! From Hideminy. :)


Also, I HAD to update my Shot Through the Heart Valentine’s day board; I found this dress after I posted it, and the heart motif and the colors sit SO perfectly with everything, it will itch at me not to see it all together. :) Pin It
All sources can be found in the original post, save for #9: For the Wind Dress from ModCloth.


Also, one last thing; Happy 30th Anniversary to my parents! I love you!

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  1. Diana says:

    Love your inspiration boards :)

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