30 day blogging challenge and a tea box makeover

30 day blogging challenge and a tea box makeover

30-day-bloggingI’m happy to say that hubs and I just finished the Whole30. Thirty days sounds intimidating, but, really, it’s over before you know it. I knew I wanted to try going gluten free for a few weeks after Christmas, but I decided to just do something really regimented with a strong community so I could just nix a lot of bad habits at the same time (late night grilled cheeses and overloading on sugar!). Tyler did it with me, which I am very grateful for–it is so important for your partner to adopt a change in eating habits with you! I know the reason that the Whole30 was pretty much a breeze for me because he did it with me. Also, major credit to him for completing it! He’s never had a dietary restriction before in his life, so it was a major accomplishment! Together we discovered some new foods, and Tyler has a newfound appreciation for fruits and clean eating! We definitely ate more fruit than is recommended, but I’m still proud of us and I think the next time we do it, we’ll probably be more strict. We’re going to mostly adopt the Paleo lifestyle moving forward — I love the idea of clean eating, but I’m not going to deny myself a cupcake for the rest of my life. Anyone else familiar with Paleo and have suggestions on books to read?

So, with our surprise at how quickly our Whole30 seemed to go by, we started to think about other 30 day challenges we could do. Tyler is considering a fitness challenge (we signed up for our first 5k!). And, despite being bed-ridden for five. whole. days. last week (!!!) due to my first sinus infection, and the fact that my house continues to be littered with fall out, used tissues, and empty boxes of congestion medicine, I’m just going to dive into my next 30 day challenge — thirty days of blogging!

I’ve been really lax around here for too long, and I have post ideas piled up! I’ve got my 200th post coming up, and parties from last MAY I need to share! I don’t think I could ever keep up a daily blog, but I do think I need a kick start to get me back in the mode, and I think it will significantly help me to write shorter, less bulky posts! Some posts will have tons of content, and others will just be short and sweet. I don’t have a plan yet, I’m just diving into it so I will commit to it! (Maybe that should be my next post–a plan). I’m unsure if I’ll be posting on the weekends yet–I’m leaning towards a yes on that, but I don’t want to over-exert myself and take too much time away from my family, so Tyler suggested to see how my first week goes, and then decided based on that. I like the idea of doing the weekends, however, because it will become a part of my daily routine, which I think is crucial.

Anyway, because I do think every post needs a some eye candy, here is a little before and after I did recently!


I bought this old tea box from the bazzar section of Target when I was in college (anyone else remember that section?). I didn’t use it as a tea box until the current kitchen makeover! But the old and battered faux-wood and flower knobs just weren’t doing it for me. I’ve been meaning to paint it for years, but I didn’t exactly know what I wanted to do! I decided just to go for it, and see what happened. painting_teabox

First, I removed the handles, and primed and spray painted it with Rustoleum’s Blossom White. I used q-tips to make dots, which was quite easy and turned out to be something Laelia also enjoyed doing–but she didn’t exactly understand my vision, so I gave her some scrap watercolor paper to paint on, which she really enjoyed. I just did layers of dots that were more concentrated on the bottom than on the top, and I used some IKEA knobs that we weren’t using from our expedit (I think), for a finishing touch. I think it came out great! Such an easy and fun project!


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  1. amber says:

    LOVE! Im pinning to Ilana and my craft day board!

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  3. […] This is the 30th post of my 30 day blogging challenge! I did it! My second 30 day challenge of the year is done! I’ll blog about what I’ve […]

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