Yo Tengo Mas Ombre

Yo Tengo Mas Ombre

I know this is not a blog about beauty, really, but about my creative endeavors. Well, this post is about where those subjects cross…

Don’t know enough about me yet? Here’s more background!:
When I was in junior high, maybe even sixth grade (my sixth grade was in elementary school), I wanted to dye my hair funky colors but my parents never let me. In fact, I specifically remember a friend’s mother referring to me as “the girl with the normal colored hair”. Truth be told, I’m happy my parents never allowed me to dye my hair. I probably have healthy, manageable hair that will pretty much obey my every command today because I was never allowed to go down the dying my hair path. I don’t shell out hundreds of dollars every month on salon services and product. I wash my hair every two days with shampoo and conditioner from Trader Joes, and I’m told that I’m lucky that’s all I need. The most I put in my hair is a little hairspray on my bangs.

I started highlighting my hair when I was 22, when I first started going to a real salon. Before that I just flipped my head upside down, cut at a straight line for easy layered action, and I just trimmed my bangs myself. I … I am really lazy about my hair mostly. So, although I do get a partial weave now, it is one or two shades lighter than my natural color, and I can totally go with out having my hair done for 6 months. It’s awesome. I can’t deal with having to keep up with my hair, or with nails, etc. It’s partially due to my naturopathic leanings, laziness, but mostly I like it low-maintenance. Also, I enjoy my natural hair color. It’s not quite blonde, not quite brunette. Usually I just say dark blond/light brown (When I was a kid I said “dirty blonde”, but I’m no longer fond of that expression). I have a hard time matching it to any wigs or colored bobby pins, etc. I have a natural ombre! Well, it was more prominent when I was a child, and I spent 4 days minimum a week at the beach each summer–this lightened my hair annualy. Now I don’t go to the beach as often, but the two days we went to the beach this year did noticeably lighten my hair… Anyway, since the sun bleaches out my hair every summer, the hair that grows in the winter is left to be my natural darker color, and then the next summer the hair that was lightened last summer gets even lighter, etc. Since my hair has been waist length pretty much my whole life, I have some hair that has probably seen 6 or maybe even seven summers…. so it is the lightest. Anyway, enough with my hair background… onto the point.

At age 7 on the left, with very noticeably blonder tips. Sailing away at age 4 on the right! Always the same hair style! lol...

The watercolors I painted for reference.

I have been kinda digging the whole ombre hair trend for a couple of years now. And when my friend Jaymee came over with her hair freshly done, I was in LOVE, but I didn’t think about doing anything to my hair. Then I noticed I keep pinning hair with pink tips on my pinterest board hair delights and it hit me–I can do my tips and I won’t damage my natural hair color, and it won’t be something I have to maintain. Moreover, as Jaymee and I share a friend who is also our hair stylist, I know my hair stylist is going to totally rock it–I have the utmost trust in her abilities. This woman just gets hair. (Her name is Robyn, she might be the most beautiful girl I know, and she works at a salon in Thousand Oaks. She’s looking for more clientele in Silver Lake, so if you are interested, feel free to send me an email for info). I painted a watercolor of what I was thinking so she would have a better idea of what I wanted, and then I just had to wait until we could afford to have it done… which apparently was over 4 months, since I know I thought of this as my summer style, and here we are mid-October. Oh well!
I finally have my fun hair color, half my lifetime later. Yay!

4 Responses to Yo Tengo Mas Ombre

  1. Cyndilee Rice says:

    I love your new ombre hair!!! Well, you know pink is my favorite color! But it is a really pretty pink with no line,it just fades from one color to the next! Who ever did it, did a great job! Love you..Aunt Cyndilee XO

  2. […] when Jess talked about ombré hair, well Jeskya over at Visual Vocabulary did pink ombré tips on her hair! I’m loving this. Really wondering if I could also pull it off? Also, Visual […]

  3. Christina Connaughton says:

    I loveeee your pink ombré hair, so much that seeing a picture of your hair on google convinced me to get the same done! Getting it done on thursday, too excited! Thanks for the inspiration, your hair looks amazing! xo

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