A whirlwind week as seen through IG

A whirlwind week as seen through IG

Oh, man. Our little family just had a half-way unplanned full week of non-stop family and friend visits! In early April, just after I came home from visiting Beth in Austin, Beth called me to give me some exciting news; her husband, Aaron, had been offered a post doctorate position at Cal Tech (Squee!)! She also said they were really thinking about moving to Sherman Oaks (double squee!!)–close enough to drive to Pasadena everyday (where Cal Tech is) but not too far from the beach or Thousand Oaks (where Beth’s (and my!) parents live). So we made plans for them to stay with us for a night when they were coming out for a wedding in June. Then, last Tuesday, Tyler’s sweet old grandmommy Mittel died at 82 years old. She was a very well loved woman, and so family poured in from all over–Texas, Idaho, San Francisco. So, the last week went a little something like this:

Friday— Wake up. Decide that Tyler’s entire immediate family (Mom, Dad, Brother 1, Brother 2, Sister, Sister-in-law, Niece, Nephew) would come swimming at our apartment complex, and stay for fish tacos and carnitas. Go shopping with the gals at buffalo exchange. Beth, Aaron and their son Orion arrive at LAX. They join us for dinner. Help MIL with a pamphlet for the memorial. Lots of love. Go to sleep around 1am.
Saturday—  Wake up, fuss around with some photos, and make spiced quinoa for impromptu giant family BBQ & pool day at cousin Luke & Becky’s which starts at 2pm. Leave their place around 8pm.
Sunday— Wake up,  get ready for memorial service at 2pm. After the memorial service, attend a gathering at cousin Heather’s until about 9pm. Head over to Luke’s until about 12pm.
Monday— A little break here! Did the laundry and tried to edit some photos before heading to a sneak preview of California Adventure’s carsland! Spent 2 hours looking for my season pass. Never found it (Laelia loves it because Mickey, Donald and Goofy are on it. Tyler last found it in the Wii). Leave for Disneyland at 4:30. Arrive at 6:15 (Ugh). Have WAY too much fun getting our first peek at the new entrance facades, new shops and restaurants, and ALL of carsland with my mom and our friend Katie. (Who won the sneak-preview and invited us. Thanks Katie-kins!). Leave the park around 11:45, get home after midnight. We are le tired by now.
Tuesday— Our sink is being resurfaced at noon (which was supposed to happen the previous Tuesday, but whatever), so I have to be out of the house for AT LEAST five hours from the point the job is finished (which made it 7 hours and 45 minutes). I decide to head on over to IKEA to gather some ideas for the kitchen makeover I am about to be knee-deep in. My MIL and my SIL join us, but they have to be back at the woodland hills art store (Mittel’s Art and Frame) by 3:00 for (the youngest-cousin) Aubree’s high-school graduation (congrats valedictorian!). After I drop them off at their car, I kill some time at Target. Then I pick up Tyler and we headed to World Market. Then we were finally nearing the hour we could go home, so I went to Trader’s and Tyler took Laelia to the park to burn off some energy. When we got home the smell was overpowering, so we dropped off the groceries and decide to join the family in celebrating Aubree’s graduation —  in Simi Valley. We didn’t get home until 1 am.
Wednesday— Beth and Aaron have spent the last two full days looking at houses, and after seeing two more houses early this morning, they come to my house around 10:30am. We print out some wedding invitation proofs for our friend Johnny, whom we are meeting at the beach in Marina Del Rey. But first, Beth and Aaron go to put the offer in on a house a mile away from us! I rush around cleaning the house because they are staying the night, and I hadn’t had time to clean in DAYS. We leave for the beach at about 2pm. While we are at the beach, Beth leaves to visit sanctuary birth center in Venice, as she is due with her second (a girl!) in October. We get take out from C&Os on the way home (yum!). We spent the night chatting and admiring how our little families will get to grow up together!
Thursday— Today. I woke up and made breakfast for everyone. Tyler left for work, and Aaron went to a meeting at Cal Tech at 12. Beth and I drive around a bit; she shows me houses they looked at, and then we head to visit my midwives, at new location in conjunction with bini-birth, which is totally awesome (and less than a mile from me, and from a number of houses Beth looked at). We get lunch from Trader Joe’s and take the kids to the park for an hour or so, and then head home. Beth and Aaron leave for a friend’s house in Venice, and now here we are. I’ve been computer deprived, and it’s the first thing I sat down to do! :)

We have a break until tomorrow night, when we say good-bye to Tyler’s mom and sister, and then Saturday we have a friend’s birthday party, and Sunday is Father’s day! Then a whole two days before my sister and my nephew are in town for a week! But I’m not complaining–it’s times like these I realize just how much love we have in our life. :)

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