A year of Laelia’s Outfits

A year of Laelia’s Outfits

I posted A Laelia Outfit #1 on March 31, 2011, so last Saturday marked a full year of Laelia’s outfits! Let’s take a look back:

Laelia’s outfits started as a way for me to document the tiny pieces of clothing that I love before they went back out the door as she wore them out or outgrew them. The project has also taught me a lot about photography and how to photograph objects, and it has been great to think about new ways to photograph outfits! Also, a lot of my readers really seem to like them, so it’s pretty awesome that other people share my happiness.

Most of Laelia’s outfits come from Old Navy, baby GAP and Target. While I guess that can sound a little boring, it’s nice to think that most people have ready access to these stores, and they are very affordable! (I mostly shop baby GAP during sales). So few people can see Laelia’s outfits and be discouraged; you can get some adorable, affordable stuff at a local store! Some items are hand me down items, and I’ve been on the lookout for some good resale children’s shops in my area with moderate success.

It is interesting to see the color schemes and types of prints I am drawn to all at once! I always say this, but it is probably easy to spot the things I am attracted to based on the repetitiveness of the above; colorful floral prints, and lots of blues and pinks! Also, that chartreuse cardigan from baby GAP was used way more than I realized! :) I also like the format of the last 4 outfits; I’ll probably photograph on white foam boards going forward.

I pretty much spent most of my day adding graphics and pin buttons to the first 14 outfits. I didn’t get the idea to add the little face graphic until outfit 15! I struggled with exactly how to do the face for a while… here is the original hand sketch and a few versions done up in Illustrator…

Looking back, I think I like the eyebrows, and should have gone with them. But, as Laelia is turning two, I think a new little face is in order! One with longer hair, since it finally is down past her shoulders! :) The typeface I use in the graphic is called Strangelove Next.

I finally made a pinboard for Laelia’s outfits! It has been on my to-do list forever. Check it out here! I’ll finish up adding pin buttons to outfits 15-30 tomorrow, I think. And I’ll continue to pin new outfits as they come! :)

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3 Responses to A year of Laelia’s Outfits

  1. Ashley says:

    I have definitely loved seeing all of Laelia’s little outfits! Thanks for posting them.

  2. Emily says:

    She is one stylish little lady! I love all of these outfits…it’s funny, I remember saying I loved that font and just now realized I had “strangelove” saved as a “to buy” at a later date, haha.

  3. @Emily; yes! I remember you mentioned that and I meant to tell you the name of the font. It’s a pretty affordable font! :)

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