Visual Vocabularie is the the compilation of both my artistic and domestic passions. Bringing together graphics, artwork, interior design, sewing, needlework, diy projects, event design, photography and photo editing, this blog represents the visual beauty and fun I do my best to create and curate around my family and myself. 

About Jesyka



Meet Jesyka

Wife, Mother, Designer, Artist 

I am first and foremost an artist. At least, that is where my somewhat extensive formal education lies--in traditional painting and drawing! However, professionally, I work as a designer/graphic artist, mostly for apparel. On a personal level, my interests seem to be veering towards event and interior design! I currently work on a freelance basis so I can work from home and be with my children while they are young, but my ultimate goal would be to run a home studio and design home goods and textiles (At least, right now I think that's what I want to design). That being said, I'm sure you wouldn't be surprised to learn that I look up to people like Christiane Lemieux founder of DwellStudio,  Anna Maria HornerJenny Komenda from Little Green Notebook, and Justina Blakeney. Not only do I admire each of these woman's style (if I could mesh their styles into a single style, I would say that's close to my own), they are all mothers, and, with the exception of Christiane, they all operate out of a home office/studio!

Meet Tyler

Husband, Father, Software Engineer, UX designer 

Tyler is my increasingly handsome, multi-talented husband. He can write, draw, make music, write code, design and beat Mega Man X. He was my best friend for three years, then I woke up one day and realized he would be the man at the end of my life; so we (finally) started to date after we agreed we were getting married. We share a love of geekery, style, design, yummy food, and radiohead. We met while working at a video game testing facility! We have both moved on career-wise since then; Tyler is a senior front-end software engineer turned lead UX designer, and he develops educational apps in his spare time. We have the sappy sort of relationship where-in, despite normal bickering, I definitely love him more everyday. He's very quiet, and has a famously subtle sense of humour. Or, rather, as famous as something subtle can get.

Meet Laelia

Daughter, Preschooler, Builder of Lego Towers

Laelia is our little girl. I started this blog just before she was born. Seeing as Tyler and I have brown eyes, she shocked us all with her blue eyes! A self-described artist, she is smart, creative, and fiercely independent. She often pulls us all in for a big hug, values cuddle time, and looks forward to "family time". She loves Hello Kitty, Mickey Mouse, Jake and the Neverland Pirates, Jack Skellington, Disney princesses, assembling puzzles and duplo blocks, and has graduated onto standard sized Legos. She can spend hours coloring, making pipe cleaner bracelets and beaded necklaces, dolls from popsicle sticks, etc. You can read her birth story here.  

Meet Luca

Son, Baby, Milk Lover

Luca is our baby boy. He came four years and six days after his big sister Laelia! He is a mostly a happy guy, with big brown eyes and dark blonde hair. He really seems to love people; he will follow visitors around the house, will happily be held by them, and he cries when they leave! He is learning to talk (mostly "no-stop-don't!"), and has developed the hereditary trait of lego-philia. His birth story will be posted one day!


Beth is my best friend from high school. We had AP art together, and our relationship has continued to grow ever since! She and her husband recently moved back to Los Angeles, (and to my neighborhood too!), and she has two young children. Our children are best friends, and we are often asked if her son and Laelia are twins! She shares my creative passions and parenting style. She also worked at babystyle before me, and she is the designer behind the famous babystyle peacock costume, which can be seen at the end of 30 Rock.

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Becky is my husband’s cousin’s wife. (Did you follow that?!). But, more importantly, she is one of my closest friends! She is also an aspiring seamstress, birth worker, amateur gourmand and lover of leisure. We are kindred spirits and share a love of home-making and all things baby. She has an affliction for cloth diapers and strollers (despite her love of baby-wearing) that borders on obsession. She has six children, including twins (whom she quite famously home-birthed)!


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Andy and I met at Trader Joes. She inquired about the ergo I was carrying a 5 month old Laelia in, and we ended up chatting in the bread aisle for 20 minutes. I love this fact about us, because I think it alludes to our friendly, open natures. Andy is a partner in party festivities, and we have a very similar aesthetic. She also has photographed Laelia's first and second birthdays. She's a very talented woman, and she won second place in Apartment Therapy's 2010 big color contest! She has two young girls.


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