Green Your Air + a special discount code!

Green Your Air + a special discount code!

Today I’m blogging to spread the word about green your air, where you can buy plants that naturally filter the air we breathe.

I’ve lived and worked in Los Angeles most of my life. (I went to high school in Thousand Oaks—still the greater Los Angeles area). When I was a kid, we didn’t have snow days we had smog days; we couldn’t go outside on the playground and play because we would be inhaling too much smog. But it is not just our outside air that is full of pollution, the air inside our home is just as subject to pollution, if not more. The EPA lists indoor air quality among the top five health risks to the American public. This is where green your air can come in to help! Co-founder Maryam has this to say of green your air:

Each of our plants have been proven by NASA scientists to filter at least one chemical from the indoor air. Little do people know that the indoor air can be as much as 10 times more polluted than the outdoors. Gross, right? And this is an even bigger problem during the colder seasons because of tightly sealed homes and the constant use of heaters. This is what we want to change ladies and gents.

I read about the concept of using natural plants to filter the indoor air when I read the book Raising Baby Green. Author Dr. Greene highlighted a few of the NASA researched chemical fighting plants, but I had the hardest time finding an easy way to order them online. I thought this is something that every mom should have, a plant that natural filters common chemicals from baby’s air, but unfortunately, it seemed so inaccessible.

A few years later, Jennifer (the other co-founder) and I became close friends. She was just laid off from her job, had her first baby and we would talk about trying to find a way for her to be able to stay home with her little bundle. That’s when I brought up my plant concept. She loved the idea and with pure excitement, we decided to just go for it.


Maryam also has a pretty awesome blog called Milk-Friendly, which features “style inspirations for today’s hip breastfeeding mom and mom-to-be {and some other family happenings in-between}”. You can imagine why I would like her blog; I used to design for babystyle, I breastfed Laelia for over a year and a half, with almost a full year of exclusive breastfeeding… also, she is a fellow trojan! And she’s a redhead. So many of my favorite people are redheads. ♥ The adorable boy in the photo at the top is her son, Coral!

How cute are they?! Maryam is on the left, and Jennifer is on the right. Interested in this nursing friendly look? Click the photo!

Green Your Air has been open for a year now, and has received some interest (it has been featured on sites like A List MomBaby Center and Nickelodeon’s Parent’s Connect), but to keep moving forward they need to buoy business! Maryam and Jennifer wanted to do give-aways and send out samples to bloggers to spread the word, but that option is not in the cards. Instead, they decided to offer a limited time only 50% discount code to bloggers for blogging about them, and a 25% off code for their readers! What a smart solution! I totally believe in their product, and I’ve written before about how much I support work-at-home moms! :)

So, if you’d like to buy some Green Your Air plants, for yourself or as a gift, you can use the code JESYKAD25 to get 25% off your purchase (good until January 22)! What plants do you think you would buy? I think I may end up buying 3 different plant sets: the confero collection, the mini fortis trio, and the fortis mini for Laelia’s room. And I’m definitely getting the gold chevron pots! Also, this will totally help me satisfy goal #26) switch out all fake plants for real plants. As soon as I get them, I will likely do a little photo shoot. :) Now if I can only activate that green thumb that runs in my family, and not let these plants die!

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  1. […] including at our front door (3/19 update) I made progress in regards to this goal thanks to Green Your Air, but I still want to add some succulents around the house, maybe a couple indoor trees and some […]

  2. […] including at our front door (3/19 update) I made progress in regards to this goal thanks to Green Your Air, but I still want to add some succulents around the house, maybe a couple indoor trees and some […]

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