Laelia’s 3rd Birthday

Laelia’s 3rd Birthday


Confetti! Sprinkles! Fun! Seeing as I last left off of regularly scheduled blogging right after Laelia’s third birthday, this is a good place to start back up from. It took place at our BFF’s lovely, gorgeous home. They have a great home for entertaining and it really has become thee it home to host gatherings. It was almost two years ago now, so please bear with me as I think I may have forgotten a lot of the little details about the day!


I made the “3” piñata out of cardboard and tissue paper. I loosely followed the tutorial from Oh Happy Day, but I felt like it was pretty self-explanatory. I twisted some navy crepe paper and glued it around the edges to help define the shape a bit. 

We bought some 36 inch “clear” balloons (like the giant balloons from her first birthday), and filled them with large confetti, (I can’t find a link to them, but they are always at party city) and then tied little 6” heart balloons and streamers to make a sort of tail.


We made chocolate sprinkle spoons, following the tutorial at Sweetapolita.


I individually glued pieces of the large confetti onto the party favor bags, and topped it off with a little name tag that I printed out.


We tied up her old tassel garland to some string lights in the backyard, it worked out excellently! Then we dangled a bunch of balloons from the center.



I made stand for the cones of popcorn out of a cardboard box that I covered in glittery wrapping paper. The cones were made from Martha Stewart confectionery paper (which I also can’t find online, but come on’! It was so long ago, and even then I found this paper on clearance!). We sprayed the popcorn with coconut oil spray from TJs and doused with sprinkles; It didn’t stick very well but it was so tasty.


The Tissue flower crown I made was admittedly a bit rushed, but I think it’s overall effect is cute. I made 3 little faux candles out of paper straws and tissue, to represent her third birthday.


I made her cake  and we decorated it with large confetti sprinkles.


We had some tents and teepees and quilts out for everyone to lounge on.


Finally, I took some photos of Laelia playing with one of the large confetti balloons while we threw confetti towards her and they are some of my most favorite photos ever! Especially the top photo, she has such an expression of joy, I just love it.

As I am now planning Laelia’s fifth birthday (which will be a joint birthday with her baby brother!), I am  having a rough time believing this was almost 2 years ago! I look at these photos, and as fun and happy as they are, I remember exactly where my head was at the time, and it’s hard not to be a little sad. Sad not only for what I was feeling emotionally, but also for being so preoccupied by it that I was letting life pass me by. It’s a good reminder to try to be present and enjoy the moment even if you are feeling glum. And with that lesson, hopefully, I won’t have to look back on any photos and feel that way again!

I’ll be sharing her fourth birthday photos soon; she wanted a “rainbows and hearts and stars” birthday theme, and we had to have it a week early just to make sure it was 2 weeks before Luca’s due date! So, perhaps needless to say, I was very pregnant and I tried to keep things as simple as possible, and it was actually pretty great! It was certainly the least stressful party I have thrown, even if it was hard for me to waddle around and get things done. I haven’t even really looked through the photos yet!

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  1. Kristina D says:

    I forgot I made those cookies! They look nice :)

  2. Whitney Ascheman says:

    Thanks for sharing!

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