My Kitchen Update

My Kitchen Update

The last big kitchen post I made was two and a half years ago, fresh after we had painted and hung the shelves and new blinds. It hasn’t changed drastically since then, but it is significantly more finished!

We upholstered the benches, hung some art, I made the little planters (from leather from a pair of old boots!), and we swapped out the light fixture. We use the upper shelf to hold all of our vases, candle holders, containers and the like, and it isn’t arranged in any specific way other than color. I’ve tried a variety of things on the two smaller shelves, but I don’t think I’ve found anything that has particularly worked yet, so in an effort not to force things, I feel like nothing is better than what I’ve got right now. We also had baby #2 in that time, and we really wanted to forgo a high chair in favor of one of these clip on chairs; they save a ton of space, and I use it at my desk when I’m working and at the coffee table when we decide to eat there as well. Plus I love how the color is repeated by the light fixture!  All in all, I think it looks pretty similar to my nook sketch, and it’s always fun when reality compares favorably to your fantasy!

Kitchen Nook 2DSC_0454DSC_0443DSC_0447Kitchen 5

Instead of outright replacing the black brown billy bookcase that serves as our pantry with a white one, I decided to just buy white full length doors, and I think it works out great. I taped up the contact paper that we have in the drawers and on the shelves to cover the glass.

Kitchen 7Kitchen 6DSC_0477DSC_0484

Our old O’Keefe and Merritt stove finally passed on; a gas leak started at the temperature gauge and it would have cost significantly more than the cost of a new stove to replace it, since they don’t make parts for the old stoves anymore. We were pretty bummed about it, but we didn’t have a choice. I was just happy we got another white stove! I was kinda worrying it was going to be black, and despite that this is my dream stove, I don’t think a huge black stove would work well in this kitchen. Also, half the old stove was storage! So I did some fast thinking and bought a 9 inch cupboard from Home Depot and my dad put a couple of large tiles on the top, and we did it for $70. We store all of our baking sheets, cake pans, and pot lids in this little cupboard!

Kitchen 2Kitchen1DSC_0531Kitchen8Kitchen 3Kitchen 4

Fun fact! Behind this little door (which we painted in chalkboard paint) is a fold out ironing board. The little island we bought from IKEA rolls right out of the way so we can iron pretty easily! (And, YES we do use it fairly regularly, but mostly when I’m sewing–which I always do at the kitchen table, and the island is the perfect size and height for my cutting table!).


I hope you enjoyed our updated kitchen! I may or may not post the utility/laundry room (through the lace curtains) one day!

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  1. jo says:

    Gorgeous! And I soooo love seeing my print in such a beautiful space x

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