Our Bedroom; Before (and before and before)

Our Bedroom; Before (and before and before)

Our bedroom has seen many versions. It is  — mental check — yes, it is the only room in our apartment that I haven’t blogged about yet. I’ve even blogged about the hallway! When we moved in, it was pretty plain and boring. We didn’t even have a bed! We did paint all my old furniture black, and we really loved the way it came out (and held up!). Just below is a photo of our bedroom in February 2010. Feb2010

We painted 2 walls (not all 4, I have no idea why, looking back), and bought our bed right after this. I was 8 months pregnant and nesting, what can I say?! I have a few photos I took the night we painted the other walls (December 2010), and I think think this is when I realized the focus was broken on that old camera of mine, so these are blurrry! For the sake of your eyes, I’ll double them up and make them pretty small. Also, I think I must have been into taking those horrible, messy before photos at the time. I mean, jeez! Or I was right in the middle of moving everything in order to paint?! I don’t remember!Dec2010Anyway, we eventually moved onto here:

My lovesDefinitely getting somewhere better here, but then I thought up a new way of having our room about 6 months ago, and I started preparing for the transition and our bedroom lost a lot of love, and it didn’t have a lot to begin with. Does anyone else do that? The second you decide on a making over a room, even if it is a YEAR away, you just start to tend to it less? I mean, I let the curtain rod in this room just totally droop and I completely ignored it, despite the screws having completely removed themselves from the walls!curtain_bracket (And, why, yes, I did recently write a post about hanging curtains! >.>) With that said, here is what our room looked like a few weeks ago.Bedroom2013 Bed_full_view windowview vanity vanity_closetThese photos were taken after your average clean up. None of the clothes or jewelry had been  gone through in ages, in anticipation of our impending bedroom makeover, when we would be forced to go through everything and organize and purge (yay!). The makeover was mostly due two factors, the big one being this:
closetOur closet. It… just wasn’t cutting it for the both of us. PLUS, all of my dresses were still in Laelia’s closet, as they had been since we moved in. And when I looked around at our furniture, well, it was pretty! But it wasn’t actually doing any work, what with takin’ up all the space and havin’ 5 tiny drawers (sorry vanity). SO, I finally came to terms with that, and we agreed to sell our furniture and became really excited about buying the PAX wardrobe system from IKEA. I also bought the quilt which you see here (from anthro, again. And I ended up getting it for less than $100 on sale!), and immediately knew I wanted navy walls to go with it… so we settled on a bedroom makeover when we could manage it… and that was six months ago!

Our  garage sale at the end of March gave us a deadline to get start this makeover, because we wanted to sell our clothes and furniture at the sale; BOY did we cut it close! We were at IKEA 3 nights before the sale, and I painted the room the next day while waiting for the IKEA delivery. The wardrobe frames took a whole night to build, and then installing the main interior fittings took almost another whole day! It’s a week and a half later and we’ve only just got the doors on! It really is worth it though, such a HUGE difference! OLD-NAVY

Pax_framesStay tuned for an update!

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  2. […] I’ll be sharing the photos just as soon as possible! But today, I’d like to share our bedroom progress, before the whole thing is totally finished! Before:We laid out a new rug from Rugs USA, which we […]


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