Laelia’s Big Girl Room

Laelia’s Big Girl Room

When we first moved in to this apartment, we were so excited by the luxury of a whole second bedroom. Moving from Tyler’s 150 square foot studio in Venice to this space felt unbelievable! First it was an office, then it was a nursery/office, then it was just an nursery, and then we transitioned into a toddler room, and now it is a fully-fledged big girl room. When I last blogged about this room, it looked very different!

Girl's Room Gold Polka DotsGirl's Room Triangle Quilt

Since the last blog post about Laelia’s room, we re-painted (in July 2013) with Benjamin Moore’s Horizon Gray. I was feeling like the old aqua color was going to compete too much with the brighter, bolder colors I knew I was bringing in for her big girl room, so I wanted a more neutral color to help ground the bright colors. And while I wanted this room to be girly and fun, we didn’t want it to scream “girl”. We finally hung the shelves and the wall dots (from All Four Walls) in February 2014. We painted the nightstands and her bed. I finished her quilt and the stripey knit blanket, I made the sleeping cloud pillow and the cardboard and fabric letters above her bed, and I added plenty of touches with some raspberry colored spray paint. I also painted some details on her curtain finials, and repainted the IKEA abacus to reinforce the color scheme. I swapped out the old black-brown Expedit for a white one, and swapped out the old cane chair for the Eames style rocking chair.

Eames Rocker, IKEA expedit, KALLAX, art stationArt StationChildren's Book displayExtra YarnChildren's DrawingExtra Yarn California PrintEames Rocking ChairIKEA expedit eames rockerBasket Pom Poms

Peg People DIY

These are the cake toppers that graced Laelia and Luca’s most recent birthday cakes, respectively.

IKEA Basket Handmade QuiltsExpedit/Kallax OrganizationChildren's Book stack

Disneyland Castle Peg People DIY

I painted these little peg people for Laelia’s 5th birthday cake, which was small world themed.

Grimms WaterwavesKids Jewelry StandExpedit Eames RockerRainbow knit blanketMini Mickey Mouse EarsPuffin Books Anna Rifle Bond Vintage Disney Books        fabric cardboard letters DIY

DIY Cardboard Letters

I made these letters with cardboard, tape, quilt batting, fabric and glue. I had planned on making a tutorial for how to make these, but it was delaying this project by almost 2 years! But I’ll make one if there is a big enough demand–if you want to know how I did it, please comment!

IKEA abacus makeover

I painted the standard IKEA abacus to anchor the color scheme of the room. It’s kind of like seeing the color palate on a mood board!

pinwheels and cinderella's castle

Laelia’s pinwheels from her first birthday, still going strong.

IKEA curtainsIKEA curtain finial DIY

DIY Nightstand

To see the before and after of these $5 Rose Bowl Flea Market night stands, click here.

IKEA mini kitchen Hack

IKEA mini kitchen DUKTIG DIY

For more detailed information on the play kitchen, click here.

vintage handkerchief bunting bannerChildren's Art

cinderella dress

Laelia came into her room as I was winding down the photo shoot; we decided to take some photos of her in her element.

cinderella butterfly dress

All hail Queen Laelia, first of her name. Queen of “lollipops”. Mother of MagiClip dolls. Protector of Lego realms

White Eames Rockerella princess dress

All in all, even though it felt like it took a long time to call this room “done”, I feel happy with it now. And most important, Laelia loves her room!

P.S. I may update this later with photos of her closet. I think photos of how I organized it could be very helpful, and we did get a new set of mesh drawers to complement the IKEA system we previously installed!

Apartment Therapy’s Small Cool 2015

Apartment Therapy’s Small Cool 2015


I am excited to announce that our submission for Apartment Therapy’s Small Cool 2015 contest has been accepted! I have to admit that I have been pretty lax over the last couple of years about taking photos of our apartment and updating the blog, which is a shame because I feel like it’s really been in this time that I have finally started to feel like it’s all come together nicely. With this in consideration, I used this contest as an excuse to get it together enough to get back to photographing the entire apartment, room by room! So YES, that means I will be blogging each room with detailed shots very soon! The fact that our submission was accepted to the contest is really just icing on the cake!

Laelia Headboard-2Living-Room-1-SFWBed1Luca's-Corner

Deciding which photographs to submit was really tough. I wanted to post more of the kitchen, not just the breakfast nook, and one of the hallway and the bathroom, in addition to a second view of Laelia’s room and our living room, but we could only submit five photos, plus a layout! Thank goodness I had the home tour layout from this blog; it just needed a bit of updating, and it was ready to go. I will be updating the blog to reflect the new layout soon.

We’d really appreciate you favoriting our post on apartment therapy! Thanks so much!

Laelia’s 3rd Birthday

Laelia’s 3rd Birthday


Confetti! Sprinkles! Fun! Seeing as I last left off of regularly scheduled blogging right after Laelia’s third birthday, this is a good place to start back up from. It took place at our BFF’s lovely, gorgeous home. They have a great home for entertaining and it really has become thee it home to host gatherings. It was almost two years ago now, so please bear with me as I think I may have forgotten a lot of the little details about the day!


I made the “3” piñata out of cardboard and tissue paper. I loosely followed the tutorial from Oh Happy Day, but I felt like it was pretty self-explanatory. I twisted some navy crepe paper and glued it around the edges to help define the shape a bit. 

We bought some 36 inch “clear” balloons (like the giant balloons from her first birthday), and filled them with large confetti, (I can’t find a link to them, but they are always at party city) and then tied little 6” heart balloons and streamers to make a sort of tail.


We made chocolate sprinkle spoons, following the tutorial at Sweetapolita.


I individually glued pieces of the large confetti onto the party favor bags, and topped it off with a little name tag that I printed out.


We tied up her old tassel garland to some string lights in the backyard, it worked out excellently! Then we dangled a bunch of balloons from the center.



I made stand for the cones of popcorn out of a cardboard box that I covered in glittery wrapping paper. The cones were made from Martha Stewart confectionery paper (which I also can’t find online, but come on’! It was so long ago, and even then I found this paper on clearance!). We sprayed the popcorn with coconut oil spray from TJs and doused with sprinkles; It didn’t stick very well but it was so tasty.


The Tissue flower crown I made was admittedly a bit rushed, but I think it’s overall effect is cute. I made 3 little faux candles out of paper straws and tissue, to represent her third birthday.


I made her cake  and we decorated it with large confetti sprinkles.


We had some tents and teepees and quilts out for everyone to lounge on.


Finally, I took some photos of Laelia playing with one of the large confetti balloons while we threw confetti towards her and they are some of my most favorite photos ever! Especially the top photo, she has such an expression of joy, I just love it.

As I am now planning Laelia’s fifth birthday (which will be a joint birthday with her baby brother!), I am  having a rough time believing this was almost 2 years ago! I look at these photos, and as fun and happy as they are, I remember exactly where my head was at the time, and it’s hard not to be a little sad. Sad not only for what I was feeling emotionally, but also for being so preoccupied by it that I was letting life pass me by. It’s a good reminder to try to be present and enjoy the moment even if you are feeling glum. And with that lesson, hopefully, I won’t have to look back on any photos and feel that way again!

I’ll be sharing her fourth birthday photos soon; she wanted a “rainbows and hearts and stars” birthday theme, and we had to have it a week early just to make sure it was 2 weeks before Luca’s due date! So, perhaps needless to say, I was very pregnant and I tried to keep things as simple as possible, and it was actually pretty great! It was certainly the least stressful party I have thrown, even if it was hard for me to waddle around and get things done. I haven’t even really looked through the photos yet!

Laelia’s Turns 3; Invites

Laelia’s Turns 3; Invites




It’s been so long since Laelia’s third birthday, it’s difficult to remember details and my thought processes! I designed this festive invite (then stuffed the envelope with this confetti that my bff and I hand punched), and then I mailed it off (and essentially glitter-bombed) my friends and family. (I promise I love you all, I just really love confetti). I did a combination of Bodoni and Futura, which must be one of my favorite combinations because I use it often, including here on my blog. Looking at Laelia’s 2nd birthday invitation I can really see how I have a thing for geometric shapes! And her 5th birthday theme (which will be a joint birthday with her baby brother, who will be turning 1), will certainly continue the trend! This color scheme is also pretty close to Laelia’s bedroom, which I was finding inspiration for around the same time I was designing this party (although I didn’t finish until a few months before her fourth birthday). I think might be sharing her updated bedroom after I post her 3rd birthday photos because I want to fully appreciate how much the color schemes complement each other!

Confetti Sprinkle Inspiration Board

Confetti Sprinkle Inspiration Board

Here is the inspiration board for Laelia’s third birthday… which was way back in April 2013, right about where I left off with the blog! So now that her fifth(!) birthday is less than 3 months away, I figured I’d better start catching up on some of these posts! (Also, I want to make a first five years book for her, so that helps me go through all these photos…).

She said she wanted a “sprinkle party!” and so I came up with this little board! I’ll be sharing the invite and the photos soon!Confetti-Sprinkle-Inspiration-Board


1// Sprinkle Cake 2// Confetti Bark 3// Large Confetti 4// Small Confetti 5// Tissue Headband

6// Sprinkle Popcorn 7// Sprinkle Chocolate Spoons 8// Homemade Piñata 9// Sprinkle Cookies 10// Confetti Filled Balloons


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