How to: Triple Pinch Pleat Curtains with IKEA Hardware

How to: Triple Pinch Pleat Curtains with IKEA Hardware

How to make triple pinch (french) pleat curtains using IKEA hardware


You will need:

RIKTIG Curtain Hook $2.99
SYRLIG Curtain ring with clip and hook $3.99
*RIKTIG gathering tape $2.99

*If your curtains do not already have gathering tape attached as ours did, you will also need to purchase the gathering tape and sew it on to your curtains.

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What to do with these nightstands

What to do with these nightstands

DSC_0404So, I had this other post I wanted to post today, but since Laelia has been what I shall refer to as “clingy-sick”, I haven’t been able to put the work into it in order to get it done on time. So instead I’m sharing my vague ideas about where I’d like to go with these $5 night stands we scored at the Rose Bowl. I was originally inspired by these nightstands from The Land of Nod.


White Monarch Nightstand, Land of Nod.

Pretty cute, but I knew I would want to customize it a bit more. Not in love with those knobs, anyway. I think I did a pretty good job of finding something comparable for a fair price. ~.^

I’m really loving the yellow and the white here:

The above photo also really pushes me towards painting the walls a very pale gray. My brother said pale gray is too boring for a kids room, but I love the idea of having artwork and furniture pop off the walls more, instead of competing with the walls. I also love the idea of painting her walls a dark dark gray for the same effect, but since we’ve got a dark hallway, and our bedroom is going dark blue… I think we’ll just make her room a lighter color.

I know i definitely want to do something to the inside little open shelf–either paint it a different color, but more likely, use pattern in there somehow:

Screen shot 2013-03-04 at 10.22.36 PM

raumseelig via Flickr

I’m pretty excited to get started! Now that I have a good idea where I’m heading with the quilt, I can start working on the other colors in the room!

Twin Quilt Designs

Twin Quilt Designs

I’ve been playing around with quilt ideas in Illustrator for weeks, and I think I finally came up with something I want to move forward with:

TwinQuilt_TrianglesIt’s a mix of what I talked about in the last post about the twin quilt; a triangle quilt, but with the pops of color coming together like in a bow-tie quilt.

Here is a more literal bow-tie and pinwheel quilt design I came up with before settling on the above:TwinQuilt_Bowties_Pinwheels

I’m still unsure about the fabrics I’ll be using, but I pulled a bunch from my stash that I’d like to use; I may still buy one or two more prints, to flesh out the colors more.


I’m super inspired by the colors in this easy knit baby blanket by Purl Soho:


I do plan on knitting her this blanket, too! After her lacey blanket, this should would be a no-brainer.

What do you guys think of my design? I’ll probably do something fun on the back again, instead of just doing a plain white back. I love the idea of quilts being semi reversible. ~.^

A Laelia Outfit #44

A Laelia Outfit #44


Cardigan: Old Navy
Dress: Old Navy
Shoes: Target

Penguin Classics for the Mantel

Penguin Classics for the Mantel

Penguin_ClassicsI finally gave in and bought some penguin classics illustrated by Coralie Bickford-Smith for our new faux mantel! I love them! I’m also really needing to share an update of our living space! I’ll be ready soon!


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