Inspiring a Twin Quilt for Laelia’s bed

Inspiring a Twin Quilt for Laelia’s bed

marks & spencer

A Marks and Spencer blanket. via Pinterest.

I’ve been really attracted to all the triangle patterns and quilts that I’ve seen around for a while now. I’d really like to base Laelia’s quilt on a pattern like this, but I’m worried about it being too trendy, and looking dated sooner than I’d like, so I’m trying to figure out a way to make it a little more timeless. I really love the colors of the above, but I love prints too much to make it all solid.


via Fancy Tiger Crafts

This quilt (above) has lots of prints, but then I think about how I’m very attracted to quilts that justs have solid color blocks. Then I remembered this quilt:

I love the tiny pops of color at each corner, and I will definitely hand tie the quilt like I did on Laelia’s baby quilt. But I really am having a hard time deciding between vintage, ethnic, or modern prints, and if it should be all prints or some print some solid (I super love just white with prints). Can I marry those ideas? I suppose it’s just a matter of finding prints that sit well together (or play off each other well). What do you guys think? Does anyone know of any other quilts or prints that might inspire me?! I feel like I’m stuck at a crossroads, and I just need that last spark to get me going. :)

Big Girl Bedroom, day 5,6,7

Big Girl Bedroom, day 5,6,7

shana_fraseWell, I think I’m at a pretty good stopping point in her room; we know everything that we are keeping, and where it is going to live, and that, people, can be a rather huge accomplishment! I’ve hung curtains, bought new baskets for toy storage, and even dedicated her bottom dresser drawer for her Minnies’ and Mickeys’ and Kittys’ “bed”.


On day 5, I went back to IKEA on my way home from a freelance meeting that was downtown to pick up missing curtain brackets (waaa), and 2 extra baskets for Laelia’s EXPEDIT (I also ended up finding a set of blinds in the as-in section for the bathroom, and I picked up the 2 ekby shelves I wanted to replace the etagere in there, so yay!). I didn’t actually get much done in there on day 5 though.

BigGirlRoomDay7 mapday7
DSC_0410 DSC_0382 DSC_0404Yesterday was day 6, and I spent the whole day in there. I officially stored her old cloth diapers, crib bedding, baby blankets, baby toys, moby wrap, ergo, and changing pad in boxes, and packed them up in her closet and under her bed (ideally, I would like to put them in our storage unit outside, but considering that the Christmas tree I bought on sale in January is still sitting by the door, I decided to cut my losses and put them away in the house). I also hung some artwork and some shelves, and rearranged her toys a bit. I decided to fold up the Oberland quilt (the quilt that was on the wall behind the crib), and put it on her bed for now. It really isn’t very functional, so the pressure is on to get her twin quilt going! DSC_0415The last bit that I need to figure out is how to arrange the artwork over her dresser; but I’m really thinking about putting the expedit there, vertically, and getting a long dresser for the location that the expedit is currently sitting. But then I worry that I’d have a tough time fitting all that in the room once/if the crib comes back into play before move.

DSC_0422 DSC_0423I’m really loving the area with her table and chairs; I want to install a small rail with pails  for crayons, markers, and puzzles. The artwork is by Shana Frase; I just bought cards for $5 each and they arrived the next day! So pretty, right? When Laelia saw them on her bed she said “Oh, what’s this? This is so cute!” (You have to imagine this in a tiny almost 3 year old voice).

DSC_0418 DSC_0421Today was day 7, and we pretty much spent the whole day at LACMA enjoying their Next Gen program; they even have story time! Did you know LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum of Art) had storytime?! It was pretty cool.


At LACMA. Laelia is at the age where she never looks at the camera, so the only in focus photos I get are of her back. Or of her massive pout face. Those are still mostly blurry.

Anyway, now I feel like most of the work that needs to be done in there are color and motif dilemmas. What color do I paint that bed… or the walls… or the night stands… and how shall I cover the chair, and what fabrics to use for her quilt?! And table lamps for her night stands… and a new rug! Although it is now presentable, there is SO much more to do! I’m working on a mood board, hopefully it will be finalized soon!

Watercolor Pet Portraits

Watercolor Pet Portraits


I made these watercolor pet portraits for my sister, my cousin, and my parents for Christmas! I also made one for Beth, but I never got to scan it! Anyway, I think they came out really cute, especially Jet! For whatever reason, I feel like a series like this could end up on plates. Is that weird? Anyway, if you would like one, feel free to use my contact page for now! Prices start at $65. :)

Beth’s Baby Shower

Beth’s Baby Shower

IMGP7126I’m finally sharing a baby shower I helped throw for my best friend Beth. I’ve talked about it a bit on the blog, but I’ll refresh you; she had 3 very life changing events take place a matter of a few months; she let go of her business, moved halfway across the country, and had her second baby (and the day after she turned 30)! Needless to say, she was a little overwhelmed, so it was important to just have a nice, pretty day to think about the coming of her baby girl.
IMGP7123It wasn’t a large shower, just a small gathering of friends for a pot luck brunch and baby-headband-making outside in her gorgeous yard. Beth’s only request was that there should be lots and lots of fresh flowers, so we drove out to the flower mart downtown on Thursday morning and picked a bunch of flowers, and I spent Friday making floral arrangements and baking her pink ombré cake.  Saturday was her shower; it was a gorgeous day, most of which was not even remotely fully captured because I forgot to have freshly charged batteries in my camera! But the photos of the flowers came out pretty amazing, I can’t deny that. Be prepared for a lot of photos of drop dead gorgeous flowers!Continue Reading

Big Girl Bedroom, Day 3

Big Girl Bedroom, Day 3

I almost forgot to post today! Whoops! Our house is a disaster and I’m prepping for a meeting tomorrow. And I’m on day 15 of my 30 day blogging challenge, too, halfway through!
Curtains_TasselsToday was all about hanging. I managed to hang Laelia’s curtains and a some hooks for her coats, scarves and bags, and a world map poster. I’m so in love with the way the curtains came out. For the first time ever, I feel like curtains I have hung ended up looking how I’ve always wanted them to look! I’m going to do a little before + after, with a how to using my curtains in the living room. Hopefully we’ll have a nice bright day soon, so I can get some good photos! But, yes, the bracket on the right is black. I thought the brackets came in pairs, but they do not. Luckily I had one available that I hadn’t used in the living room yet! maphooks coatsThe hooks are a simple IKEA rack, but I spray painted the hooks gold. I can’t get enough white and gold. :D I want to add something to the top, to make it more whimsical. I’m thinking colored wooden balls. This rack is also low to the ground, so Laelia can reach it.

I also went through her toys more deeply. I’m totally digging these baskets I bought from IKEA specifically for the EXPEDIT. Aren’t they great! I’m going to buy two more, and just fill the whole bottom row with them. I guess I have yet another trip to IKEA ahead of me!


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